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AFTV Member Productions Cushing Conversation - March 06, 2024
Updated 7 days ago

A unique panel of gentlemen gathered for an in-depth and important discussion about Cushing Memorial Park, including Cushing Memorial Chapel, and the former Cushing Memorial Hospital. The conversation involved the (previously known as) town of Framingham in the late 1980s & 1990s and the restoration of the chapel. We experienced a journey through history right here at the AFTV studio. Army veteran and friend & supporter of Access Framingham, Nick Paganella, was accompanied by John Stefanini for Framingham, former state representative for Framingham, Fred Wallace, the city's historian, Kenneth Wilkinson, a retired plumber and volunteer for the Framingham Heart Study, and Jim Egan, Framingham's former director of building services.

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Updated 7 days ago

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