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How Needham Works, 3/20/2024
Updated about 10 hours ago

A Collaboration between Needham Community Education and the League of Women Voters of Needham.

Needham's town government is democracy in its purest form, with the opportunity for every citizen to participate in shaping policy, creating budgets, and setting priorities. Spend an evening learning about Needham's town government from a panel of Town officials, including the Town Manager, a member of the Select Board, a School Committee member and the Chair of the Planning Board. You will learn about the structure of Needham's government, how decisions are made and implemented, the budget process and funding, how you can participate in Town government, and how to stay informed.

The League of Women Voters of Needham (22 Videos)
Updated about 10 hours ago

The League is one of our most treasured collaborative partners. Their forums and events keep us informed, and hopeful for the future that lies ahead. Some of the older forums are available on our YouTube channel, or can be found on our websites.