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Summit Library Presents - 1-18-17
Updated 2 months ago

Author Jeanne D'Haem

Jeanne D’Haem will discuss her book, Inclusion: The Dream and the Reality in Special Education. Written after thirty years of experience, it chronicles inspiring, insightful and even hilarious efforts to include students with disabilities in public schools. Can a faith healer cure autism? Why would a child eat a cigarette? What can the police do for a child who sucked his lips inside a soda can? Inclusion reveals how these and other problems have been addressed by caring teachers. If you have ever wondered what happens behind closed doors in special education, this is the book for you Dr. Jeanne D'Haem is associate professor of Special Education at William Paterson University in New Jersey. She was a special education teacher and a director of special services for over thirty years.

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Updated 2 months ago