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LWV: Sources of Needham News, 10/16/23
Updated 8 days ago

LWV-Needham hosts a forum on the local news sources in Needham, including TNC's new Needham Local website.

The League of Women Voters of Needham hosts this forum at the Center at the Heights on the local news sources in Needham. Among the panelists are TNC Executive Director Marc Mandel, who talks about our new Needham Local website, as well as Peter O'Neil from the Needham Observer, Julia Beauregard from the Hometown Weekly and Amy Haelsen, Communications Director for the Town of Needham, who also produces the newsletter, The News You Need(ham).

The League of Women Voters of Needham (23 Videos)
Updated 8 days ago

The League is one of our most treasured collaborative partners. Their forums and events keep us informed, and hopeful for the future that lies ahead. Some of the older forums are available on our YouTube channel, or can be found on our websites.