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Needham Creates, July 2023
Updated 8 days ago

Needham Creates showcases various local artist in town. It not only tells the story of creative individuals, but also gives viewers a behind the scenes look at their creative process.

Welcome to the final episode of Needham Creates, the show where we take you behind the curtain, through the galleries and into the studios of needham’s artists. The art scene in Needham may seem quiet from the outside, but it’s actually filled with many talented amateur and professional artists which this show will prove. This episode will showcase the art of Dina Troen-Krasnow, Mark Richards, and Paula Pitman Brown

Needham Creates (3 Videos)
Updated 8 days ago

This new series features artists of all kinds, who work in Needham. From painters to poets, we take you through the process, and gives you a behind the scenes look at how these artist express themselves.