Jackson County Board of Commissioners - January 31, 2024
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Jackson County Board of Commissioners

Call to Order (00:00:00)

Pledge of allegiance

Consent Calendar (00:17:43)

Minutes of Meetings BoC Regular Meeting, January 10, 2024 BoC Staff Meeting, January 11, 2024

Discussion/Deliberation (00:18:06)

Order Authorizing a Charging Station Software-as-a-Service Agreement With FlashParking, Inc. Order No. 22-24 (BL No. 13348)

Discussions/Deliberation (00:20:02)

Order Authorizing Intergovernmental Agreement No. 6616 Between the State of Oregon, Department of Corrections, and Jackson County. Order No. 23-24 (BL No. 13349)

Discussion/Deliberation (00:21:26)

Order Authorizing Amendment No. 1 to Jackson County Personal Services Contract Dated March 21, 2023, With Pariani Land Surveying LLC. Order No. 24-24 (BL No. 13350)