Ashland City Council - December 19, 2023
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Ashland City Council

Call To Order (00:00:00)

Land Acknowledgment, Pledge of Allegiance, Roll Call

Approval of Minutes (00:03:57)

1. Minutes of the December 4, 2023 - Study Session Meeting, 2. Minutes of the December 5, 2023 - Business Meeting

Consent Agenda (00:22:01)

1. Acceptance of Moss Adams Audit Report 2. Authorization to apply for DLCD Climate Friendly Implementation Grant 3. Acceptance of a DLCD Technical Assistance Economic Opportunity Analysis Grant 4. Liquor License Approval for Beat Farm Coop & Ola Loa General Store at 38 Lithia Way 5. Liquor License Approval for Mason Goche (dba Mason’s on Main, LLC) at 345 East Main Street 6. Liquor License Approval for Dangerous Lee LLC (dba Dangerous Lee’s Local 31 Pub) at 31 Water Street, Suite 2 7. Liquor License Approval for Carlitos Italian Cuisine at 691 Fair Oaks Avenue 8. SERJ Appointments

Public Hearings (00:27:36)

First Reading 3226 An Ordinance Establishing Hours of Parks Closure

Public Hearings (00:38:07)

Second Reading 3227 An Ordinance allowing Alcohol use in Parks

Public Hearings (00:50:28)

Second Reading CFEC Parking Code Ordinance 3229

Public Hearings (00:57:59)

Second Reading Prohibited Camping Ordinance 3228

Unfinished Business (02:16:07)

Clarification and Detailed Direction on a Six-Month Review of Ordinance 3228

Unfinished Business (02:28:21)

City Charter Amendments for May Election

New Business (02:48:42)

Support letter for Oregon Jail Medicine for Opioid-Use Disorder Grant Program Legislation

New Business (02:52:35)

Consideration of League of Oregon Cities' Recommendations for Revisions to Measure 110

New Business (03:01:47)

Authorization to accept potential grant money- Emergency Order Shelter