Ashland City Council - December 5, 2023
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Ashland City Council

Approval of Minutes (00:10:47)

Minutes of the November 20, 2023 – Study Session Meeting Minutes of February 22, 2023 -Special Business Meeting

Consent Agenda (00:21:51)

Liquor License Approval for Trattoria Inc. (DBA “Martino’s Macaroni’s Ristorante”) at 58 E. Main St. Liquor License Approval for Lithia Loft LLC at 144 Lithia Way. Liquor License Approval for Brother’s Restaurant at 95 N Main St.

Public Hearings (00:22:27)

Public Hearing and First Reading of CFEC Parking Code Ordinance Amendments

Public Hearings (00:51:02)

First Reading Prohibited Camping Ordinance 3228

Ordinances, Resolutions and Contracts (03:24:28)

Right of Way Vacation Initiation- Fern Street