TelVue Webinars 2017-06-13 14.01 Connect CloudCast

This is an overview of TelVue Connect (for content aggregation, transcoding, and broadcast workflow) and TelVue CloudCast (for video streaming to the Web, OTT and mobile).

Connect Broadcast Workflow (00:00:31)

Media Tab, Content Edit options, Metadata

Scheduling Series and Playlists (00:08:00)

How to create and schedule Collections for broadcast via Connect

VOD Workflow (CloudCast) (00:36:00)

Send content from HyperCaster to CloudCast, VOD transcodes, Storage best practices,

CloudCast VOD Player Pt1 (00:40:00)

Embed, Link, Analytics, Appearance, Banner Ads, Social sharing

CloudCast VOD Player Pt 2 (00:48:00)

Organize and Publish VOD content. How to use Playlists, Series, and Categories. Find VOD URLs.

Add Chapters (00:58:20)

Create chapter points with thumbnails, start times

Examples: CloudCast Embedded Players (01:04:00)

See how stations display CloudCast on their websites

Media Exchange (01:06:55)

How to use the program-sharing platform in Connect