Rifle City Council - Oct 18, 2023
Chapter #1 (00:00:10)

Call to Order, Pledge of Allegiance, Roll Call, Special Ceremony(s), Public Comments, Consent Agenda, and Action if any on Workshop Items

Chapter #2 (00:04:06)

Presentation for Promotion to Corporal for Kalob Foreman

Chapter #3 (00:07:49)

Contract Renewal with GovOS (MUNIRevs) for Sales Tax Collection Software

Chapter #4 (00:14:40)

Request to Increase 2024 Funding for RFTA

Chapter #5 (00:37:29)

Approval of Rifle Regional Economic Development Corporation (RREDC) Membership Dues

Chapter #6 (00:41:25)

Awarding the Contract for the Rifle Gateway Traffic and Pedestrian Improvements

Chapter #7 (00:53:38)

Agreement with Harris Kocher Engineering Group, Inc. for Concept Design of the Park Ave Bridge

Chapter #8 (01:02:24)

Agreement with SGM for the Railroad Avenue Bridge Rehabilitation Design

Chapter #9 (01:09:28)

Assigning ARPA Funding to Projects

Chapter #10 (01:11:55)

Agreement with JVA for Supplemental Environmental Project Consultation

Chapter #11 (01:19:54)

City Manager / Administrative Reports

Chapter #12 (01:26:45)

Mayor & Council Comments

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