Rifle City Council Election Forum hosted by the CRV Chamber - Oct 3, 2023
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Candidates as seated from left to right: Brian Condie, Tanya P. Doose, and Karen Roberts attended via Zoom, (Chris Bornholdt - absent).

Question #1 Candidate Introductions (00:02:07)

Please introduce yourself and tell the group a little more about who you are and why you decided to join the race for Rifle City Council.

Question #2 (Goals as a City Councilor) (00:07:58)

What do you hope to accomplish as a City Council member?

Question #3 (Affordable & Attainable Housing) (00:12:43)

What role do you feel the City of Rifle should play in solving the current affordable and attainable housing situation affecting the residence of this community?

Question #4 (Main Street/Downtown District) (00:18:07)

In your opinion, is our main street/downtown district healthy and vibrant? Please elaborate.

Question #5 (Why Should Citizens Vote For You) (00:23:55)

In short, why should people vote for you this November to represent them on Rifle City Council?

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