City of Rifle Election Forum hosted by Your WGC Chamber - Oct 5, 2021
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Candidates as seated from left to right: Chris Bornholdt, Derek H. Davis, Tamara Degler, Bud Demicell, Alicia Gresley, Clint Hostettler, Sean Strode, (Joe Carpenter - absent)

Opening Remarks (00:02:40)

Candidates Opening Remarks

Question #1 (00:10:44)

Your vision for Rifle

Question #2 (00:24:38)

How to stimulate the economy

Question #3 (00:42:11)

Regarding workforce, how can the City work collaboratively with other communities

Question #4 (00:57:47)

Thoughts on masks mandates in our Community

Question #5 (01:11:08)

Thoughts on a future Rifle Rec Center

Question #6 (01:26:55)

Thoughts on the River Island project

Question #7 (01:42:26)

How can the City be a part of attainable/affordable housing

Closing Remarks (01:57:36)

Candidates Closing Remarks

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