Rifle City Council - Oct 19, 2022
Chapter #1 (00:00:10)

Call to Order, Pledge of Allegiance, Roll Call, Special Ceremony(s), Public Comments, Consent Agenda, and Action if any on Workshop Items

Chapter #2 (00:02:50)

Appointment of Milton Rodas and Melissa Carter to Planning Commission as Alternates & the Appointment of Brian Dow to a Regular Planning Commission Member

Chapter #3 (00:05:58)

Approval of Social Setting Withdrawal Management (SSWM) Contract with Mind Springs

Chapter #4 (00:14:28)

Appoint Member of Council to Social Setting Withdraw Management (SSWM) Governing Board

Chapter #5 (00:15:50)

Purchase of a Wide Area Rough Mower

Chapter #6 (00:21:19)

Approval of Landscape Architectural Firm for Master Planning (Improvements) at Rose Hill Cemetery & Rifle Mountain Park

Chapter #7 (00:25:40)

City Manager / Administrative Reports

Chapter #8 (00:33:28)

Mayor & Council Comments