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Select Board Meetings Natick Select Board February 5, 2024
Updated 3 days ago

Natick Select Board February 5 2024

  1. It is 6:05 PM This is the meeting

  2. of the Natick Select Board.

  3. We're going to start an open session,

  4. and then we're going to have a roll call vote

  5. to enter into executive session.

  6. This portion of the meeting would not be open to the public.

  7. We expect to reconvene around 7:05 PM hopefully earlier.

  8. This, that the exec session is not open to the public

  9. and the reasons for voting are entering.

  10. Yeah. Voting to enter exec session RA, pursuant to MGL L,

  11. chapter 30 a, section 21, A two

  12. to conduct strategy sessions in preparation for negotiations

  13. with non-union personnel,

  14. or to conduct collective bargaining sessions

  15. or contract negotiations with non-union personnel,

  16. town administrator B, pursuant to MGL Chapter 30 a,

  17. section 21, A three to discuss strategy with respect

  18. to collective bargaining

  19. or litigation, where an open meeting will have a detrimental

  20. effect on the bargaining

  21. or litigating position of the public body and the chair.

  22. So declares Andrew Watkins versus Town of nata.

  23. Case number G two

  24. dash 23 dash one 70, civil Service Commission C, pursuant

  25. to MGL 30 a.

  26. Section 21 A three to discuss strategy with respect

  27. to litigation where an open meeting will have a detrimental

  28. effect on the litigating position

  29. of the public body and the chair.

  30. So declares Linda Valenti, etal versus town of Natick etal.

  31. Docket number 21 dash CV dash

  32. 1 0 8 3 0.

  33. District Court, Massachusetts and D, pursuant

  34. to MGL Chapter 30 a, section 21, A three to discuss strategy

  35. with respect to collective bargaining

  36. or litigation, where an open meeting will have a detrimental

  37. effect on the bargaining of litigating position

  38. of the public body and the chair.

  39. So declares, supervisors

  40. and administrators, association de co.

  41. DPW, supervisors, public employees,

  42. local union 1 1 1 16 DPW Laborers,

  43. public employees, local union.

  44. 1 1 1 6. Clerical public employees.

  45. Local union 1 1 1 16 Library.

  46. New England Police Benevolent Association, Inc.

  47. Local 1 8 2 dispatchers.

  48. And do I have a motion to I So move. Okay. Move by Mr.

  49. Sidney. Do I have a seconder? Second. Okay.

  50. We have to do the voice. Ms.

  51. Coughlin, is she

  52. No, she's not.

  53. Don't, don't count her.

  54. Ms. Pope. Aye. Mr. Joseph? Yes. Mr. Sidney? Yes.

  55. I a, yes. So four. Zero. Zero.

  56. We should be back, hopefully right at seven o'clock.

  57. So tune in about that time

  58. and we'll be back in open session, I hope. Thank

  59. You. Resume.

  60. All right. So we're getting started again.

  61. It's about 7 25 reconvening open session.

  62. Went a little longer than we anticipated,

  63. so I apologize for those in the room.

  64. Could we please stand for a pledge of lead allegiance?

  65. In a moment of silence,

  66. I pledge allegiance, the flag of

  67. of the United States of America

  68. and to the republic for which it stands.

  69. One nation under God, liberty and justice for all.

  70. Thank you.

  71. Okay. Announcements. Let's see.

  72. I had a question actually,

  73. and this is for Mr. Erickson, which is probably an easy one.

  74. Do, do we have to establish a period for

  75. how long we're gonna accept information on the

  76. Contributory Retirement Program?

  77. It's not really an announcement, it's a question.

  78. Do you mean for the candidate? For the open position?

  79. No, no. It's really up to the jurisdiction of the board.

  80. I think a best practice at at least a minimum of two weeks,

  81. but it could be a month or two or until filled.

  82. So it's really, and it is currently open.

  83. So hopefully folks watching who are interested in joining,

  84. maybe with a finance background or an investment background

  85. or management background, would love to join,

  86. put their name into the half volunteer.

  87. Yeah, if the board would like to,

  88. what I would recommend though is seeing if the board would

  89. be willing to say, we'd start doing interviews

  90. by a certain time just to encourage those

  91. who might be on the fence to get their stuff in.

  92. And why don't we set it for, what is our meeting in March?

  93. Is it March 7th?

  94. So the first meeting in March would

  95. be this, that Wednesday.

  96. I think it's the seventh, correct.

  97. Okay, so let's set that sixth,

  98. Sorry.

  99. March 6th. Okay. There's 29 days in February.

  100. That's right. Thursday off this year. Okay. Okay.

  101. That, that's excellent. Do I have any other announcements?

  102. Well, and we're still, we're still looking for

  103. one more member for the audit advisory committee.

  104. So if you're interested in helping

  105. us work through advising the select board on audit issues,

  106. please volunteer for that.

  107. Just

    If I may, the Economic Development Committee does

  108. have its regularly monthly scheduled meeting this Thursday

  109. at eight 30 in the morning.

  110. I know one of the topics they're gonna focus on is the Route

  111. nine, route 27 interchange project that's going on.

  112. And obviously there's been some discussions about

  113. that in different forums,

  114. but this will obviously talk about sort of the nature

  115. of the project and its impact on local businesses there.

  116. So I just wanted to make the community aware of that,

  117. especially if you're a business owner in that part

  118. of the community that might be affected

  119. by the future construction.

  120. Where is that meeting?

    It's gonna be on Zoom

  121. and it's in Nova's agenda.

  122. Okay.

    Thank you Mr. Jeff. Any others

  123. You want take? Yeah,

  124. Public.

  125. Let's move on to public speak.

  126. Any individual may raise an issue

  127. that's not included on the agenda

  128. and it will be taken under advisement by the board.

  129. There's no opportunity for debate.

  130. This section is limited to 15 minutes total

  131. or five minutes for each individual.

  132. Do we have anybody who wants to do public speak?

  133. I don't see anyone here. We're online. Nobody here but us.

  134. Chickens.

  135. Announcement. We do have an announcement on the, yeah, I'm

  136. Sorry, I didn't say that one.

  137. On the Memorial Beach Seasonal rates. I'm sorry.

  138. Thank you Richard.

  139. Mr. Chair, I'll speak to this one.

  140. Okay, so this is just information for the board.

  141. The Memorial Beach passes will be going on place

  142. will be going on sale starting in May.

  143. This is just information for the board in terms

  144. of the rates for the year ahead.

  145. There's no plan

  146. and changes to the dollar amount, just a little bit in terms

  147. of how they're structured between weekday and weekend.

  148. They're gonna go move to one rate as a whole.

  149. So this is just information for the board, information

  150. for the public that passes will be going on sale

  151. and we hope to see residents

  152. of Natick down at Memorial Beach this summer.

  153. Thank you Mr. Marshall. And thank you Mr. Sidney.

  154. I just zipped right over them. Excuse me.

  155. Do you wanna discuss that?


  156. Okay.

    That's coming under select board updates.

  157. Okay, good.

    Alright. We did have no public speak.

  158. So now let's go to select board updates.

  159. One of which is the, we're changing

  160. the date of the next meeting to February 26th.

  161. It was February 21st,

  162. and the reason for that is it's school vacation week

  163. and we needed to accommodate

  164. both members as well as the town administration.

  165. So Monday, February 26th at 6:00 PM

  166. Hopefully you can make it.

  167. Yeah, you

    Guys don't have to, right? Yeah, we were

  168. Outta the room at the time. I'm sorry. I

  169. Have a choice.

  170. I got that little detail. Okay. Yeah,

  171. This is not necessarily select board related,

  172. but it seems like it's appropriate for us to share.

  173. And it's about those who may wanna run for town meeting.

  174. I think papers are due tomorrow.

  175. So I just wanted to share that,

  176. that if you are interested in running for town meeting,

  177. there are, it seems like there's seats open

  178. in every precinct.

  179. You can go to the town clerk's office, go get papers,

  180. go get your signatures, and the paperwork is due tomorrow

  181. By 5:00 PM

    By 5:00 PM at the,

  182. By 5:00 PM Thank you.

  183. Or at the town Clerk Clerk

  184. Clark Town Clerk's office.

  185. Yep. Right. Can I make one

  186. quick announcement while we're on announce?

  187. Absolutely Announce. Just a reminder,

  188. the warrant closes on the February 22nd

  189. at 5:00 PM It's a Thursday, the town for the town meeting

  190. for the spring annual town meeting.

  191. So for those watching from home,

  192. or who would like to get town meeting warrant articles in,

  193. please, preferably, well in advance of that deadline,

  194. we do work hard to, with staff to try to make sure

  195. that we get things prepared in the warrants

  196. so the select board can determine and vote on the warrant.

  197. Now, on the Monday evening, the 26th,

  198. That was actually part of the impetus

  199. for choosing the Monday because we were likely to meet.

  200. Okay. That day. Anyway,

  201. One consideration for the board is do you want

  202. to have a meeting between now

  203. and the warrant to discuss town meeting warranted articles?

  204. But that can be separate from tonight's meeting.

  205. Okay. Yeah, we should talk about that.

  206. That's later. Yep. Not an announcement. Okay.

  207. Okay. Any other, okay, I've got one,

  208. which is February's Black History Month.

  209. And Spark Kindness has a terrific summary

  210. of all the events taking place

  211. during February in celebration.

  212. Some events include Nat Case, United's racial Justice

  213. series, which is on Thursday nights from six 30

  214. to 8:00 PM on Thursday, February 8th, February 22nd,

  215. and March 7th, creeping into March

  216. on Thursday, I'm sorry, on Tuesday, February 6th

  217. or tomorrow at 4:30 PM Troy Smith will be speaking at

  218. Fisk Meth Methodist Church at to the United Women in Faith

  219. to talk about his work in the community.

  220. And we'll be joined by our very own Kristin Pope.

  221. So please attend one or more of those events. Okay.

  222. We're on to discussion

  223. and decision, if you don't mind, Mr. Townsend.

  224. Let me please go to these guys first,

  225. which is a public hearing on the Square dedication

  226. for Gordon Chanel and Mr.

  227. Sidney, would you read the

  228. Yes.

  229. The Select board will conduct a public hearing on Monday,

  230. February 5th, 2024 at 6:30 PM in the Edward h Delo meeting

  231. room, second floor of the Natick Town Hall,

  232. 13 East Central Street, Natick, mass, as well

  233. as remotely via Zoom upon the request

  234. to dedicate the square at the corner of Union Court

  235. and Main Street for Gordon s Chanel.

  236. Anyone wishing to be be heard can attend in

  237. person or via Zoom.

  238. Login instructions will be published on the February 5th,

  239. 24 select board agenda.

  240. And I move to open the public hearing.

  241. I a second. Second. Thank you, Mr. Joseph.

  242. So moved by Mr. Sidney, seconded by Mr. Joseph.

  243. All in favor, please say aye. Aye. Aye. Aye. Four zero vote.

  244. Okay. Mr.

  245. Caru, please walk us through this.

  246. Hello? Hello.

  247. There we go. There you go. Thank you, Mr.

  248. Chair, members of the Select Board

  249. and Town Administration, I'm here tonight to request

  250. a square dedication on behalf of

  251. 43 year NA police officer, Gordon s.

  252. Channel to be held on February 17th, 2024

  253. at noon at the intersection of corner of Union Court

  254. and Main Street in downtown Natick.

  255. I have with me Dr.

  256. Dawn, Donna McKenzie, who brought this to my attention

  257. and is word tirelessly with me under the square wording

  258. of the resolution and so forth and,

  259. and details of the square dedication.

  260. He is a stickler for details. Does a great job.

  261. And I also have Gordon's daughter, Lisa,

  262. she's in from Bellingham.

  263. She's a educator. Thank you for your service, Lisa.

  264. So we have Lisa, not channel,

  265. Channel Stanton,

  266. Channel Stan, and talked to Mackenzie

  267. and I've committed to them whatever order they wanna go in.

  268. Thank you. While, while you're getting ready,

  269. I just have one correction,

  270. which is the square dedication is on the 24th, not the 17th.

  271. So, oh, yeah,

  272. We changed,


  273. Yep. Moving Target.

  274. Good evening. I wanna thank you

  275. for considering my father Gordon channel

  276. for the Square deification.

  277. He loved this town

  278. and spent nearly half of his life protecting and serving it.

  279. He moved to Natick in 1941 with his family from Fall River,

  280. and he attended Natick Public Schools.

  281. He was a graduate of Natick High School in 1946,

  282. where he was an outstanding football player.

  283. After graduation, like many,

  284. he joined the United States Army.

  285. He attended a parachute training course at the Infantry

  286. school in Fort Benning, Georgia,

  287. and became a qualified parachutist.

  288. He served in the 11th Airborne during the occupation

  289. of Japan in World War ii.

  290. Upon his honorable discharge in 1948, he worked in various

  291. positions in the Natick School Department.

  292. Then in 1950, he joined the Natick Police Department

  293. and served as an officer for 43 years.

  294. During his tenure with the police department,

  295. he was also elected president of the Patrolman's Union

  296. and served for such for 10 years.

  297. Upon his retirement, he moved to Cape Cod,

  298. where he proudly flew the American

  299. flag in front of his home.

  300. Each day he kept in touch with Native, a colleagues

  301. and friends to stay informed of the happenings in Natick.

  302. I feel that the site you're considering

  303. for the dedication Union Court in Main Street seems

  304. extremely appropriate since during his, his years

  305. as a police officer on the police force,

  306. my father was often assigned the duty of maintaining law

  307. and order on the main streets of Natick.

  308. He could be seen directing traffic,

  309. changing the lights in the Natick box on the common,

  310. and helping pedestrians across the street

  311. and maintaining a police presence at the Natick Trust

  312. Company and the Natick Federal savings.

  313. So on behalf of my father and my family

  314. and myself, thank you for this consideration,

  315. Dr.

  316. Mackenzie.

  317. It's hard to go after those lovely words.

  318. I just wanna say that I knew Gordon Tll since I was

  319. 16 years old.

  320. He was the father of a high school friend,

  321. and we kept intermittently in contact with each other,

  322. but it would've been hard not to know him,

  323. because when somebody directs traffic on that crosswalk

  324. for 10 years, you know them.

  325. And he knew everyone he helped across that street.

  326. And he often said to me, he just was freezing.

  327. He was like freezing when he did that.

  328. But he also had just a wonderful sense of community policing

  329. before community policing was really in vogue.

  330. He knew a lot of the kids,

  331. and when they came outta school, he was known

  332. to reach in his pockets

  333. and get them, give them money for a hotdog at Casey's.

  334. And that was important.

  335. In fact, he sometimes wondered in his later years,

  336. why we had police officers in schools when

  337. he was out in the corner.

  338. And he met kids that way and really appreciated it.

  339. But different era, different time.

  340. He really was kind of the stuff

  341. that this community was built of, the town of Natick.

  342. He was a salt of the earth, a good hardworking person.

  343. And if you talk to him,

  344. he would actually say he began his career

  345. actually cleaning toilets.

  346. And for the Natick schools, he,

  347. he worked himself up by the boots stops to do what he did.

  348. And he also, with respect to his parachute days in the Army,

  349. I jokingly asked him in later years,

  350. do you think you wanna go jump outta a

  351. plane for your birthday?

  352. Like the one of the, like President Bush did?

  353. And he said, absolutely not.

  354. I'm terrified to jump outta planes.

  355. I did that because I wanted the extra pay,

  356. and a lot of people didn't make it through,

  357. but I wanted the extra pay.

  358. I knew I was gonna get married

  359. to his high school sweetheart when he returned home,

  360. and he wanted the extra pay to be able

  361. to save up for a home.

  362. And they did. They bought a house on Pleasant Street,

  363. which is now North Pleasant Street.

  364. And he would've stayed in Natick, except

  365. that his father-in-law demanded round the clock care.

  366. And he was not gonna go in a nursing home.

  367. So they had to buy a home that would accommodate

  368. his beloved father-in-Law.

  369. So he was just, I thank you for this consideration.

  370. He really was a remarkable person.

  371. Nick Maor, he used to call him the governor,

  372. and he still called him that every time he talked to him.

  373. Like, how are you doing today?

  374. The governor, he was also kind of self-effacing,

  375. and he thought people in Natick probably didn't like him

  376. much because he sued the town.

  377. And I'm like, no, no, they're okay.

  378. And one day I think he took me out for lunch

  379. and he gave me this binder this big,

  380. and I'm like, what is that?

  381. I want you to read that. I saved every document from the

  382. lawsuit, and then you'll understand,

  383. you'll understand a little bit more about Natick.

  384. But the suit was righteous actually.

  385. And he won that suit

  386. and enlisted the help of Archibald Cox, one

  387. of the Watergate prosecutors.

  388. And it was that the Nat Patrolmen weren't being paid

  389. for all of the hours that they worked,

  390. and they weren't being paid for the time

  391. that they checked in.

  392. I once ran into somebody who knew him,

  393. who was on the police force.

  394. His father was also on the police force,

  395. and he said that was the first vacation his family ever got

  396. to take, was from that settlement money.

  397. And they went to Disney World.

  398. And he talked about how much that meant to him.

  399. Now, I think Gordon, on the other hand, took the money

  400. and paid off his kids' student loans

  401. because that's just the kind of person he was.

  402. He just was, family was so important to him.

  403. His children were so important to him.

  404. And I, I just think it, it's so fitting.

  405. He's, he's the kind of person that this town is made of,

  406. his integrity, his hard work.

  407. And again, I thank you

  408. for your consideration of this request.

  409. Thank you, Ms. Mackenzie. I want to thank Mr.

  410. Caru, and especially Ms. Mackenzie.

  411. This is above and beyond the, the, the amount of

  412. family information that we have.

  413. And, and it really gives us a great flavor of the type

  414. of person that he was.

  415. And, and we are going to read the resolution and,

  416. and I'm sure we'll have no problem approving it.

  417. So thank you for all the research that you all have done.

  418. And it is, it is definitely an honor to, to learn of, of,

  419. I I, I'm a carpet bagger relatively speaking.

  420. So I've, I've only been in Natick since 1987, so

  421. I unfortunately didn't cross paths with him,

  422. but I think I get along with him really well.

  423. So without any further ado, Mr.

  424. Sidney, would you please read the resolution?

  425. Whereas on February 24th, 2024, the corner of Union Court

  426. and Main Street will be dedicated to the Gordon

  427. s Channel Square in honor of Gordon s Channel,

  428. who served in the Army from 1946 through 1948,

  429. reaching the rank of corporal.

  430. And whereas Gordon was qualified in parachute training

  431. and made di nine jumps at Fort Benning, Georgia,

  432. where he became a member of the famed

  433. 11th Airborne Division, which served in the reconstruction

  434. of occupied Japan.

  435. And whereas Gordon completed the transport

  436. transportability course while stationed in occupied Japan,

  437. which enabled him to work on flight crews.

  438. And whereas Gordon was awarded the World War II Victory ME

  439. Medal and Army of Occupation medal for Japan,

  440. good Conduct Medal.

  441. And whereas Gordon graduated from Natick High School class

  442. of 1946 and was a varsity football player.

  443. And whereas Gordon worked

  444. for the Natick School Department upon discharge

  445. and went on to work for the Natick Police Department

  446. as a patrolman for 43 years, serving as president

  447. of the Natick Patrolman's Union.

  448. And whereas Gordon,

  449. as Natick Police Department Union President,

  450. by enlisting the help of famed Watergate prosecutor

  451. Archibald Cox successfully pursued a class action suit on

  452. behalf of Natick patrolmen to ensure they received payment

  453. for all hours worked.

  454. And whereas Gordon, having spent much

  455. of his work day on patrol in the downtown area,

  456. was well known in the town.

  457. And whereas Gordon was born in Fall River Mass on

  458. October 7th, 1928, and passed on October 11th, 2023.

  459. And now therefore be it resolved

  460. that the Natick Massachusetts Select Board hereby honor the

  461. channel family at the dedication

  462. of the Gordon S Channel Square.

  463. And that a copy of this resolution shall be transmitted

  464. forth with by the Natick Select Board to the family

  465. of Gordon s Channel.

  466. And I so move.

  467. I have a second here. Second. Thank you, Ms. Pope.

  468. All in favor, please say aye. Aye. Aye. Aye.

  469. Actually, does anybody want to comment?

  470. Thank you. Sorry about that. Yeah, no,

  471. I was just gonna say, I, I, I just wanted

  472. to second what the chair had said.

  473. That was such a great context for the presentation.

  474. Complicated. A resolution that celebrates someone

  475. who brought a lawsuit against the town, I think.

  476. And that, to me, speaks volumes to the complexity sometimes

  477. of what it means to be an engaged citizen.

  478. And frankly, we're imperfect institutions

  479. in an imperfect world.

  480. I, I think your comments about, you know, his

  481. impact in the community from, from children all the way

  482. through retirement, spoke volumes about the character

  483. of this community as a fellow carpet bagger.

  484. You know, I, I'm constantly hearing about the way Natick was

  485. and what made Natick what it was.

  486. I firmly believe a lot of what made Natick

  487. what it was still exists today.

  488. But it, it exists through a different lens.

  489. But I think it's through the character of individuals

  490. like Gordon, who I did not have the luxury to know.

  491. But I celebrate a little bit.

  492. And through these square dedications,

  493. I'm really grateful to Mr.

  494. Caru and the work he continues to do.

  495. Because when people come to Natick

  496. and see them everywhere, start asking those questions.

  497. You know, we, we memorialize people when they pass

  498. through cemeteries, and those are, those are peaceful places

  499. to celebrate the life of somebody.

  500. But I think you celebrate the life of a community

  501. through these square dedication.

  502. They're in vibrant places

  503. and they, they provoke these questions.

  504. So really honored to support this one. Thank you.

  505. Thank Mr. Di. Anybody else? Dito.

  506. Dito. Dito. All right. So all in favor, please say aye.

  507. Aye. Aye. Alright. Four zero. Zero. Thank you so much.

  508. And we'll see you on the 24th.

  509. Move to close the public hearing. Second. All in favor?

  510. Please say hi. Aye. Aye. Aye. Aye.

  511. Thank you members, the board. Thank you.

  512. Thank you Mr. Marshall.

  513. Thank you. Thank you for bringing

  514. this stuff forward. Thank you.

  515. Yes. And I drive around. See you folks.

  516. Thank you Bears.

  517. Thank you Mr. Townsend for waiting.

  518. You are gonna walk us through the changes to Ope.

  519. We're not going to go through an exhaustive

  520. expose on Opep.

  521. This is just to update the board on

  522. what's happened with Opep.

  523. So please walk us through this. Thank you, Mr. Townsend.

  524. Thank you Mr. Chair.

  525. Members of the board, John Townsend,

  526. deputy town administrator and director of finance,

  527. and always amazes me my ability to clear a room with my,

  528. There weren't that many people,

  529. Wonderfully interesting topics.

  530. But today, Ashley, I'm sort of excited about this.

  531. This has been a couple years in the making to sort

  532. of update our opep trust.

  533. Just very quickly, this is an irrevocable trust

  534. for the town of Natick

  535. that operates basically our EP trust fund,

  536. which you're probably familiar with.

  537. If at any time you have any questions about it,

  538. please feel free to gimme a call

  539. or I'm happy to come back at a later time

  540. and provide with more detail on it.

  541. But the basic thing we want

  542. to accomplish today is if you were a call in the fall

  543. town meeting, voted to approve the use

  544. of the prudent investor rule chapter 2 0 3 C

  545. in this particular document,

  546. that is an option available under section 30, chapter 30 B,

  547. section 20, and the town meeting decided to appropriate,

  548. appropriate that into this particular agreement.

  549. So that's the summon substance of

  550. what we're doing this evening.

  551. I'm asking you for two particular votes.

  552. First of all, a vote to approve the OPI Declaration

  553. of Trust and Agreement.

  554. And then secondly, pursuant to the terms

  555. of this trust agreement, a vote to designate the treasurer

  556. of the town of Natick as the trustee, who will then sort

  557. of take care of the general s and goings of the trust.

  558. Happy to answer any questions you might have.

  559. Okay. Thank you Mr. Townsend.

  560. There are any questions? That's fairly straightforward. So,

  561. And what's that first motion, Mr. Townsend?

  562. The first one is to, first one is

  563. to vote to approve the Opab Declaration

  564. of Trust in agreement.

  565. I move to approve the OPE

  566. Declaration of Trust and Agreement.

  567. And do I have a second one? I'll second.

  568. All in favor, please say aye. Aye. Aye. Aye.

  569. For zero vote. And the next one is de designated.

  570. Designate the treasurer as the trustee

  571. of the trust motion,

  572. Still making notes.

  573. Move to establish the town treasurer

  574. as the trustee of the trust.

  575. Okay. Do I, well, second. Second. Can I,

  576. Can I get that motion one more time?

  577. Sure. Move to designate the treasurer as the trustee

  578. of the trust that we just established. Okay.

  579. Yeah. Thank you.

    Is it beneficial to say,

  580. as outlined in the trust documents

  581. or in the agreement? Yeah,

  582. That'd be good.

  583. Just 'cause there's a lot in here about the powers

  584. and the limitations of the powers. And thank

  585. You as, as outlined in

  586. the Declaration of trust in agreement

  587. As, as we say that again,

    As defined as

  588. Provided for, or defined in in the dec, sorry.

  589. In the declaration of trust and Agreement.

  590. Trust and agreement.

  591. There's just a lot in here about powers.

  592. Yeah, they do have powers they don't have, it was

  593. Presumption filled, but that's, yeah, that's,

  594. I agree. Let's make it explicit.

  595. It's just, that's definitely appropriate.

  596. So let's see. This is Sidney Evans,

  597. Right?

  598. The second one is Paul.

  599. Is Joseph. Joseph.

  600. Alright. All in favor, please say aye. Aye. Aye. Aye.

  601. All right. Thank you Mr. Townsend.

  602. Now you've really cleared the room

  603. And if I can just bother you for a

  604. Signature.

  605. Yes. We got a sign.

    I have a question for you.

  606. I, as a standard, and I've shared this,

  607. I use my middle, this is not included.

  608. Alright. You want me to sign this? Sign it later. Or

  609. can we pencil in if you'd like

  610. or wish I can redo the signature page later.

  611. Can you come up just like in like a half hour?

  612. Let's do that.

    We'll do that.

  613. Richard, do you use yours?

  614. I do not. Okay. I, if I initial things I use, use it,

  615. but I do not use it when signed.

  616. Bruce T. Evans.

  617. Catherine's not here tonight as well. So

  618. What is Catherine's?

  619. Catherine? MM,


  620. Right, it says it on here already for Catherine.

  621. Okay.

    I didn't have that open in front. Sorry.

  622. Yeah, I only use it when I initial.

  623. Yeah,

    The same here. I don't use mine. Yeah,

  624. I don't either. Okay.

  625. Middle initial people.

  626. Yeah, it doesn't, it doesn't make a day. Yeah.

  627. Yeah, it's fine. All right.

  628. I have three first names. It's really annoying. Next

  629. You do just have myriad problems. I think that's

  630. Annoying.

  631. My middle name's Richard.

  632. Alright, here we go. This is very confusing.

  633. Okay, rich.

    Okay, rich, now you're really confused.

  634. Alright, now we're on to item C, which is continuation

  635. of public hearing from January 10th, 2024.

  636. We're at the location Summer Street.

  637. Before we even say anything on that, this will be continued

  638. to the February 26th meeting per the request.

  639. I think we have to move that. Move we, you didn't have

  640. to go vote.

  641. Move that we continue the public hearing

  642. to February 26th at six 30.

  643. Okay, we'll have a second. I'll second.

  644. Okay. All in favor, please say aye.

  645. In discussion.

    I'm sorry.

  646. Chairman Evans, why, who prompted the continuous,

  647. This was at the request of Eversource.

  648. They have been unable to do two things to get out

  649. to the site and do all the answer,

  650. address all the questions we had about

  651. where the pole was cited in relation

  652. to other buildings and sidewalks.

  653. They also need to discuss,

  654. there was another issue on Summer Street that was called

  655. to our attention in the earlier meeting

  656. that we raised to them.

  657. And they're trying to accommodate both

  658. of those requests. But they needed another,

  659. Well they would, they would've been able

  660. to be here Wednesday, but nobody was available tonight.

  661. I think that was another reason.

  662. No, that was something else. Yeah.

  663. Yeah, I think, yeah, yeah. Alright.

  664. It was their, it was their request. Okay.

  665. Yeah, it

    Is not our request.

  666. Oh, thank you. Yeah, I think that that's correct.

  667. It is because we changed our meeting to tonight.

  668. They couldn't be here.

  669. So it's we There's a self-inflicted one there. Thank you.

  670. Okay. Okay. Updated water.

  671. And we vote that, yeah, we didn't.

  672. All in favor, please say aye. Aye. Aye. All right.

  673. Four zero. Zero. All right.

  674. Now updated water and sewer policy over to Mr. Marsh.

  675. Thank you Mr. Chair. Members of the board.

  676. So in the Novus agenda this evening is a draft

  677. of an updated water

  678. and sewer bill abatement adjustment policy.

  679. This was something that, following a number

  680. of the meetings recently

  681. and some of the abatement requests that have come through

  682. administration thought it would be helpful

  683. to take a look at the policy.

  684. It's been about three or four years since this was created.

  685. I actually think Mr. Erickson created it when he was in the

  686. deputy town administrator's role.

  687. So we felt it was time to take another look at this

  688. and to dust it off

  689. and see if there are anythings worth updating

  690. and changing within the policy.

  691. So if you start at the beginning, there's really nothing

  692. different from section one A through C

  693. that's consistent.

  694. Those are basically issues

  695. that might happen on the town's end, an issue

  696. with the meter malfunction, something along those lines.

  697. The real changes in this policy are when we get to section D

  698. and one of the things we're recommending for the board

  699. for your consideration is looking at those situations where

  700. the water does go into the, the sewer.

  701. With most of the abatement authority we've had in the past,

  702. it's really been tied to if there's an issue

  703. and it can be proven that the water does not go into the

  704. sewer, then abating the sewer portion.

  705. I think what we've been seeing is there's some issues

  706. that have been happening with failures of the system

  707. where the water does go into the sewer system

  708. and then there's no action that administration can take.

  709. So what we are proposing in this abatement adjustment policy

  710. is to, in these situations where there's an elevated use

  711. look at reducing the, I call it the excess

  712. use and reducing it down to the lowest tier, whether

  713. that be the water or sewer portion.

  714. So for instance, say someone came in with an elevated issue,

  715. they were able to prove that there was a, a failure

  716. or a break, it would have to hit that criteria first.

  717. So you know, for instance, they had a break

  718. and there was within their bathroom

  719. and there was, you know, water pouring

  720. and some of it went into the sewer, right?

  721. In those instances, we wouldn't be able to bait it.

  722. But in this instance what I would propose is, yes,

  723. there was an issue, yes, there was a failure,

  724. the resident made the repair

  725. and what we are gonna do is look at that excess

  726. and reduce that down to the lowest tier.

  727. The way we would calculate that as we would look back at

  728. that same period of time, so say this is quarter two

  729. and that was July through July,

  730. September, July, August and September.

  731. So it was that three month period.

  732. And I'm probably saying that wrong

  733. 'cause we probably don't even have it broken up that way.

  734. But just for purposes of examples

  735. and their historic use during that period of time was, say

  736. we look back at three years, say it was 31, 33 and 42

  737. and for this specific usage they were up over a hundred.

  738. What we would do is we would look at those

  739. previous three periods of time

  740. and we would say, okay, the highest

  741. of those times was the, the 40 plus.

  742. We are going to take the difference

  743. between the hundred which was used and the 40

  744. and we are gonna reduce that excess down to tier one.

  745. Again, if they meet that criteria, if they can prove

  746. that there was a failure in the system and they can repo

  747. and they can prove that it was remediated and fixed

  748. and then we would be able to abate that portion,

  749. basically reduce their bill and move forward from there.

  750. Okay. Questions? Mr. Sidney coming?

  751. Yeah, I noticed you don't list toilets.

  752. I don't know if it's important, but I would say

  753. they're a common leak.

  754. That's probably worth that.

  755. The second, the second thing that concerns me here is

  756. there's no discussion about timeliness of repair.

  757. Yeah, that's a question.

  758. So for example, I've got a water leak,

  759. but I repaired a year later.

  760. I don't wanna abate a whole year's

  761. when they could have repaired it

  762. after, you know, maybe during the second quarter.

  763. Right? So I would suggest that an ab I think that,

  764. you know, some kind of a clause that says, and,

  765. and I don't know the perfect language here,

  766. but something that says,

  767. if I may, in the procedures document,

  768. Which is page two, bullet one says, completed applications

  769. for water and sewer abatements inclusive, all materials

  770. must be filed within 60 days of the billing statement.

  771. That is a subject to the request.

  772. So we'll know at that point within 60 days

  773. of the billing statement if the repair has been completed.

  774. 'cause only need to show proof of the, of the repair. Right?

  775. Right. But if they, so, okay, so we're not gonna update

  776. that, but I, you know, I is,

  777. Let me play out a scenario, right?

  778. If you wait, I got a quarterly bill, right?

  779. And, and I, we'll take John's example.

  780. I, I realize that I have a leak.

  781. My normal use over the past three years has been

  782. between 35 and 40.

  783. And I then, you know, get my bill

  784. within 60 days come out, come to you

  785. and say, Hey, I had a water leak, I fixed it and

  786. therefore I'm entitled to this sort of abatement.

  787. I think if, is there a way to limit it to that quarter?

  788. So what I don't want is somebody to, to say, come here

  789. with a pile of bills six months later

  790. and say, Hey, I want the abatement on this one and this one

  791. because I was asleep at the wheel.

  792. So, so I guess two, two things

  793. to call the board's attention to one under the procedures,

  794. we do try to have this within a certain period of time.

  795. And the second thing that we put in place so that

  796. there aren't repeat situations coming to the,

  797. the town administrator, the deputy town administrator,

  798. whoever the designee is from the town administrator

  799. is we also put in something

  800. where any future crest would be denied

  801. by the deputy town administrator, the town administrator.

  802. So say someone came

  803. and they got something abated, they wouldn't then be able

  804. to come back for the same instance

  805. that we would automatically deny that

  806. and then that would have to go in front of the board.

  807. What we want to do is we want to try

  808. to have some controls in place so

  809. that an abatement is truly, there was an issue,

  810. there was a failure, there was a break,

  811. you were able to prove it.

  812. You kind of have this, you know, one opportunity

  813. and then beyond that, if you come back,

  814. it has to go to the board.

  815. We will have to deny that going forward.

  816. Could, could we? That makes sense.

  817. I I, you know, I, I see that this is gonna cover most of

  818. what I was concerned about, but I I'm still concerned about

  819. the timeliness of repair thing, right?

  820. If they start to see multiple bills

  821. and they're not even looking for the leak. Right.

  822. But

    It's only part of Sorry, sorry.

  823. If I could just as, as part of our review process, just

  824. so the, and the board probably doesn't have this depth

  825. of knowledge of, of what we look at.

  826. So when something is brought in front of,

  827. or there's an abatement request that comes in front of us,

  828. what we do is we, the town administrator's office follows up

  829. with the water and sewer department.

  830. We have a conversation, we look at this specific

  831. location and we look at their usage.

  832. So we can actually go and take a look

  833. and see if that spike is still high

  834. or if that spike has gone down based on a period of time.

  835. There are some meters that we have in place

  836. that calculate a little bit quicker

  837. than some of the old ones.

  838. But as kind of we're converting over, we have the ability

  839. to look at that in a little bit more real time.

  840. So typically we're able to see if there is an issue

  841. and if that issue has remediated itself.

  842. So if someone comes in

  843. and says, Hey, I had a break, we're able to do a little bit

  844. of research on that to determine

  845. if that was the case or not.

  846. And if we aren't able to look at that in water smart,

  847. we are able to have one of our water

  848. and sewer employees go out

  849. and take a look at the meter to make sure it's not spinning

  850. and still doing that I, I've actually gone on a couple

  851. of home visits to look at the situation.

  852. So I understand it better

  853. so I can convey it better to the board

  854. Itself.

  855. Yeah. And I suppose if they don't fix it

  856. for a year at their average usage a year ago,

  857. it's gonna be still just, it's high

  858. and there'll be nothing to abate

  859. Or based on the policy,

  860. it would only be the last bill in front of us.

  861. So anything prior to that, unfortunately they're outta luck.

  862. And in that situation,

  863. the town administrator's office would not have the ability

  864. to do anything other than

  865. that one bill that's in front of us.

  866. And then all of the prior bills,

  867. they could certainly request coming in front of the board

  868. for the board's consideration.

  869. But that would be outside of our authority.

  870. Okay. Basically any bill that's more than 60 days old

  871. automatically gets denied.

  872. Yeah. So if somebody sits on it

  873. for more than one billing cycle,

  874. they can certainly request an abatement.

  875. We won't process it that

  876. Have to

    60 days.

  877. So that's why it's important to read the procedures as well.

  878. 'cause that just shows that timeline. Yeah. And

  879. I think that, yeah, that covers it.

  880. Is, is toilets important enough to list separately

  881. or do you think No, I think they get the idea.

  882. I mean we do have the term


  883. A facility necessary for habitation.

  884. I would argue that that includes toilets.

  885. We, we kind of set an outside faucet

  886. or a burst heating pipe or something along those

  887. lines. But yeah.

  888. Yeah, I just asking the question,

  889. I think you're probably okay there.

  890. Alright. Those are my questions. Okay.

  891. Any other questions or

  892. In essence, in brief, this is really intended to try to,

  893. as we learn more about how the, the policy works along

  894. with the board, just continue to do a few more

  895. of these things administratively just to keep 'em,

  896. you're clearly giving us sort of the direction as to

  897. where you're willing to to do things

  898. and rather than just bringing those back to the board,

  899. if we can handle those administratively,

  900. it just can streamline what the work that you do, the work

  901. that we do, it actually is additional work for us to do the,

  902. the stuff in front of the board to then go back.

  903. If we can streamline the abatement, it'll just be

  904. that much quicker for all it.

  905. It is also important to note, we just did some wordsmithing

  906. as well, John and the team to make it

  907. with the town administrator.

  908. I think the prior draft noted deputy town administrator,

  909. this one says town administrator or designee.

  910. Okay. So we just did a couple cleanups there as well just

  911. to try to make it a little more consistent

  912. with our other policies.

  913. This also shows the new format.

  914. We try to separate procedures from policy. That's great.

  915. Just to try to get a little bit more consistent between all

  916. of our policies as we update the other, I don't know, 60

  917. or so select board policies that we're working through.

  918. Some of which might not get updated but be removed.

  919. But we'll talk about that at a future, future meetings.

  920. Okay. Sounds great. It's great work. Thank you. Thank you.

  921. You need us to move

  922. To approve questions still.

  923. I was, I'm sorry, did you have a question before? Okay.

  924. I wasn't sure. So just very quickly, so refresh my memory.

  925. So you have a three year look back in terms

  926. of the average use, if there's a recent change in property

  927. ownership, do you still look back on the previous owner?

  928. Like it's it's property specific

  929. or is it ownership specific?

  930. A little bit of adjustment

    There. Yeah,

  931. I mean we've had it,

  932. it's harder when there's not the history there,

  933. but we do try

  934. to make the best call based on what we can see.

  935. Usually there's a little bit of history within it.

  936. We specifically call out the quarters

  937. because typically in certain periods

  938. of time you might have more water use

  939. than other periods of time.

  940. So it's a good standard for us to have.

  941. But there might be situations where we just don't have

  942. that history and, and,

  943. and that situation, if we're, we feel we're able

  944. to make a decision, we might be able to do it

  945. or we might have to deny it

  946. and have it come in front of the board in that

  947. Situation.

  948. interpret it. Look, I like, I like

  949. To the family five was gonna use more water than

  950. a family of two is your point.

  951. Exactly. And vice versa. Exactly.

  952. So it creates some complexity just as long

  953. as people are aware of that

  954. and you know it's, you know,

  955. it's probably in certain cases more expedient

  956. to deny it, just bring it right to the board.

  957. But, but the policy I think is perfect. So nicely done.

  958. And I foresee situations where we deny it

  959. and it comes in front of the board

  960. and the board might say, why didn't you approve it?

  961. This kind of meets a lot of those criteria,

  962. but we really want to put the, the onus,

  963. I think on the resident to be able to prove

  964. to our satisfaction that it was a failure

  965. and that it was addressed and that it was fixed.

  966. And if certain criteria doesn't meet, it could be denied

  967. and it could come in front of the board.

  968. And, and I just want the board to be aware of that.

  969. If you see something coming down the road, you know,

  970. we do wanna make sure that there's clear proof in terms that

  971. that was fixed and addressed and,

  972. and we don't want to be in any type of gray area with this.

  973. So yeah, definitely appreciate the clarity and the layout.

  974. It does jump out. It's nice. Yeah, it's

  975. Much better, much clearer.

  976. The next adjustment will probably be just the font.

  977. We won't bring that back for the

  978. board when we change the font though.

  979. You have a policy about that. I don't know. There is now

  980. A policy about what fonts guidelines easy to use,

  981. move approval of the, of the policy update.

  982. November. Mr. Sidney is seconded by Ms. Pope.

  983. All in favor please say aye. Aye. Aye, aye.

  984. And before we move on, I'm gonna do my infomercial

  985. for water Smart yet again.

  986. Please sign up for water Smart.

  987. It is the greatest free application you have.

  988. Much better than TikTok cost less costly.

  989. All right, bye. That was my editorial for

  990. It was just, sorry.

  991. Look at TikTok. More people look at their water Smart. We're

  992. Doing TikTok, water whatever video.

  993. Alright, to like sound.

  994. Moving on. Let's now go on to

  995. spring annual town meeting warrant articles.

  996. So one of them, okay TikTok,

  997. one of them is that we received,

  998. and Jamie, I'll, I'll talk,

  999. I'll kick this off about the civil service extension

  1000. and our conversation this afternoon,

  1001. but we will get more specificity on it.

  1002. So Catherine Chief Hicks,

  1003. Mr. Erickson and I met this afternoon to talk about

  1004. the possible extension, our sponsoring

  1005. of an civil service extension request to

  1006. extend to age 67.

  1007. And we, we discussed it at length,

  1008. what the pros and cons were in each approach.

  1009. And what we ended

  1010. up, where we ended up was

  1011. understanding we need to, we debated about, you know,

  1012. what should be the duration of the period.

  1013. Mr. Erickson suggested that we do up to five years

  1014. with an annual approval of extension at the sole discretion

  1015. of the appointing authority, the select board with no option

  1016. for civil service or arbitration

  1017. and then subject to passing a mental

  1018. and physical health test for each year.

  1019. So we would've the option each year

  1020. to decide whether this a,

  1021. an individual person could be eligible

  1022. for this extension.

  1023. Did I get most of that right or

  1024. Yeah.

  1025. So I guess taking a step sort of

  1026. back, it's common at the state legislative level

  1027. for, for requests to come in according to Chief X

  1028. for request to come in regarding the extension of

  1029. the, the time of required retirement

  1030. for public safety officials.

  1031. So under state law,

  1032. public safety officials must retire at 65 no matter what

  1033. towns or communities have.

  1034. Frequently, frequently I'd have to defer

  1035. to chief access to what that means.

  1036. But frequently might for an individual, you know,

  1037. firefighter Jane Smith or

  1038. or police officer whomever request

  1039. to allow that to be extended for a certain period of time.

  1040. 1, 2, 3, 5 years. Typically it's not more than that.

  1041. And that can be for a chief down to a firefighter

  1042. or a chief down to a patrol person

  1043. or whatever the, the highest in all levels of, of,

  1044. of a public safety organization.

  1045. The board received a request from a detective in the police

  1046. department and that just generated a larger discussion

  1047. around, well is this something that's good for the entirety

  1048. of the department or just for this individual?

  1049. 'cause it might be good for just this individual,

  1050. but it also might be good for the entirety

  1051. of the department given just the general aging

  1052. of the workforce and the structure of the department.

  1053. Like there's various reasons why this might be worth

  1054. considering for the entirety of the town.

  1055. So in that dialogue,

  1056. my opinion was if we're extending it to the entirety

  1057. of the department, rather than just having a blanket up

  1058. to five years with no checks

  1059. and balances, even 65 seems arbitrary

  1060. but an additional five years also seems arbitrary.

  1061. Maybe just have it be whereby there's an annual requirement

  1062. for the appointing authority to say Yep,

  1063. we want to extend this for end of the year.

  1064. Yep. It's kind of like how one might do a contract.

  1065. So if you might do a contract with an employee

  1066. who might be at that time of potential retirement,

  1067. maybe there's a, we want to do a one year contract

  1068. with two one year extensions for a total of three years

  1069. or four one year extensions.

  1070. The thinking there was that there's a requirement

  1071. of an annual review after

  1072. that state mandated retirement age just to provide a level

  1073. of check for the appointing authority. Yeah,

  1074. Well it's an out in case something goes wrong.

  1075. Yeah. Or, or I mean somebody gets,

  1076. or you know, somebody suddenly gets early

  1077. onset dementia or something.

  1078. Well it's also something that, you know, it may be

  1079. that the candidate for

  1080. that once one year

  1081. and maybe that person wants two or three years.

  1082. So this gives you the flexibility to it each

  1083. year re-up basically.

  1084. So it, it was just more designed

  1085. to build some flexibility into the process if this is an

  1086. approach that the board even wants to consider.

  1087. And if you do, then there's at least some checks

  1088. and balances there for the board

  1089. and some security for the board.

  1090. 'cause right now people you do have

  1091. to retire at 65 if you're in a public safety field.

  1092. I don't believe we have anybody currently on the force

  1093. that's over 65.

  1094. But it has been a topic of conversation in the past

  1095. and it's currently a topic of conversation.

  1096. 'cause the request came into the board,

  1097. it would require bringing it to,

  1098. through a home rule repetition process.

  1099. It's not something that we can just do unilaterally.

  1100. So that's also a factor here, even

  1101. with the individual requests.

  1102. 'cause if they don't come in timely then it might be, even

  1103. if the board's interested in advancing this one

  1104. or a future one that still needs to go through that process

  1105. to get it to the state legislature

  1106. and onto some type of bill for adoption by the legislative,

  1107. by the, by the legislature.

  1108. So

  1109. Yeah, I actually driving back from

  1110. something with Repinski, I actually discussed this topic

  1111. and he's very familiar with these home rule petitions

  1112. and is, you know,

  1113. very interested if we want to put pursue it and,

  1114. and make sure it gets through.

  1115. Okay. So thank you for that.

  1116. So I'll follow up with him.

  1117. The one thing Chief Hicks was also gonna look into,

  1118. I apologize just for more context, is he has, he's not aware

  1119. of any communities that have asked for this sort

  1120. of blanket approach that can apply

  1121. to the entirety of the department.

  1122. So we don't know the receptiveness or the history of that.

  1123. And so it, until we have that information

  1124. or that research, I'm not sure there's a firm

  1125. recommendation from me or, or the chief Yeah.

  1126. On that approach. It's just, I think if,

  1127. if the board's gonna consider that approach,

  1128. I think it makes sense to have some type

  1129. of annual check. And my

  1130. My recollection was that chief was going to look into

  1131. That.

  1132. He was gonna look into that. Correct. Yep.

  1133. Also, you know, one of the things that he said,

  1134. what Catherine asked, what I thought was a great question,

  1135. which is what is the uniqueness of this

  1136. person's position?

  1137. And, and Chief Hicks said that he's a, he's a

  1138. detective and he is very dedicated

  1139. to his craft has excellent, excellent communication skills

  1140. and a knack for getting people to open up to him,

  1141. which is kind of critical for a detective.

  1142. He also has a great statewide network that he,

  1143. that he is built up and,

  1144. and Chief Hicks noted that these are hard to teach skills

  1145. that, that really the town benefits from having

  1146. somebody like that available

  1147. and potentially as a, as a mentor to some

  1148. of the younger guys.

  1149. This Sidney,

  1150. I just, I was thinking about this given the tightness of,

  1151. of our schedule before the warrant closes,

  1152. I wonder if it might be worth putting

  1153. both home rule petitions on the warrant.

  1154. One for the individual and one

  1155. for the global just in case we find out

  1156. that the global situation wouldn't work.

  1157. Yeah, I was, I'm not sure we'll need to do that,

  1158. but that's certainly a good idea,

  1159. which is considerate what it is.

  1160. I think we'll have the information.

  1161. Chief Hicks seemed to indicate

  1162. that he could find that out pretty quickly. Well

  1163. Some some of it's about what

  1164. rep Linsky iss gonna tell us too about

  1165. what Right. Things so,

  1166. And that, that's my homework to get with him to do that

  1167. and Chief Hicks will be able to get back to us quickly.

  1168. So I think we'll know before that

  1169. and we, we can make a decision do one or two or both rather.

  1170. Well I personally am supportive, so

  1171. Sorry.

  1172. Yeah,

    No, that's okay. When you first started

  1173. summarizing your previous conversation, you said up

  1174. to five years with annual approval.

  1175. What was the clause about civil service?

  1176. Yeah, what we didn't want to have is if there

  1177. for whatever reason is a question about the contract

  1178. or behavior during that year period, there's no capability

  1179. of making a claim in civil service

  1180. or making a claim for arbitration.

  1181. So they waive that, those privileges.

  1182. So the other piece that, that I didn't put

  1183. talk about earlier, which is important is

  1184. the pension, their calculation

  1185. for their pension is ends at age 65

  1186. so they're not accruing further

  1187. onto their retirement.

  1188. So at age 65 it, it terminates, right?

  1189. So they're not, you know, staying on let's say two,

  1190. three years and bumping that up.

  1191. The three years would, would bring them

  1192. to their higher, much higher level.

  1193. So they go back to, to

  1194. what they were earning at 65 for their pension.

  1195. Well they can still get their own contributions back

  1196. after 65 if they continue to contribute, right?

  1197. Well they still contribute into it.

  1198. It's just the pensions based on their highest three years at

  1199. the age of 65 3, not 66, 67, 68.

  1200. Right, right. On the civil service

  1201. and arbitration front, it's also ensuring that,

  1202. 'cause if it's a patrol officer

  1203. or somebody in the union, they'd be in civil service

  1204. or they'd be protected by the union.

  1205. Let's say one year the, the board says yes,

  1206. but then the next year the board says no.

  1207. The thinking there is, it's gotta be

  1208. at the full discretion of the board.

  1209. So they can't appeal that.

  1210. There's also a concern that if the board says yes

  1211. to one person,

  1212. but says no to another person,

  1213. that could also be viewed and appealed.

  1214. So the idea there, and maybe this is why it's always been on

  1215. the individual basis and not on the, the broad spectrum, is

  1216. that it's so hard to to account for those.

  1217. 'cause there could be people in,

  1218. there could be departments out there

  1219. that are looking forward to some people retiring

  1220. and departments out there that are really wanting

  1221. to keep certain people on board as long as possible.

  1222. If it's broad stroke to the entire department, it's,

  1223. it's hard to blockade to say yes to one

  1224. and say no to another, which could be why

  1225. it's on the individual basis.

  1226. That's some of the research that Chief

  1227. Wix was gonna be looking into.

  1228. We also, because we just wanna open ourselves up to

  1229. that type of potential scrutiny

  1230. litigation. Right. What have

  1231. You.

  1232. No, I totally understand it. Thank you for that explanation.

  1233. I think it all makes perfect sense.

  1234. I I'm, I have to be honest though, I'm torn, I,

  1235. I I support the idea of, you know, given the individuals

  1236. and it was nice to hear some feedback about this specific

  1237. individual that sounded supportive

  1238. and I agree in terms of some history there.

  1239. But I also really applaud the idea

  1240. of looking at this more broadly in saying, look, let's,

  1241. let's allow us to do this.

  1242. Because when I first heard about this inquiry, you know, it,

  1243. to me it it, it addressed this issue

  1244. that we're constantly having, which is what do we do

  1245. with the lack of applicants lack of applicant pool.

  1246. If we have good quality people,

  1247. if we have institutional knowledge, you know,

  1248. especially later, I saw this in the private sector too.

  1249. I think we underestimate the value

  1250. of older workers and experienced workers.

  1251. The idea of mentorship, all of

  1252. that I think is really important personally speaking,

  1253. if we're getting that level of value and we do value that

  1254. and we have a compensation structure

  1255. that provides a pension, I don't understand the arbitrary

  1256. stoppage of that at 65.

  1257. That said, I do understand it from a fiscal

  1258. management perspective.

  1259. So that, that's where I'm torn.

  1260. You know, there's an element of this that says, look,

  1261. if you're doing everything right

  1262. and we're supportive of you being here,

  1263. there's value of continuing that.

  1264. On the other hand, you know, I, I get

  1265. that we're also going into what I'll consider over time,

  1266. given the institution of that job.

  1267. And it's not an unreasonable request to cap that

  1268. for predictability and for precedents as well.

  1269. So I just, I I like, I like the nature

  1270. of the conversation you had, but generally supportive of it.

  1271. Definitely wanna see the details of what we come up with,

  1272. but I think there's a lot of hard thinking behind this

  1273. to make it apply as a blanket application.

  1274. But I I, I applaud us trying to do that.

  1275. 'cause I think that's the right thing to do

  1276. for the department moving forward.

  1277. I think it, it honors the request of the individual,

  1278. but with the whole town in mind moving forward.

  1279. So thank you.

  1280. And it is also something that we to, to get back to Mr.

  1281. Sidney's point, we could do the individual now

  1282. with a view towards longer term doing something else.

  1283. It's not that there, it's all or nothing. Right.

  1284. This also speaks back to the chief brought this up

  1285. and we were talking about this,

  1286. there was a request a handful of years ago for an individual

  1287. who was over the minimum, the maximum h

  1288. to even come onto the force.

  1289. And at that time, the chief similarly said,

  1290. rather than looking at that at the individual,

  1291. what about the entirety of the department?

  1292. Yeah. Now we haven't advanced that conversation as much,

  1293. but maybe these two can be advanced around the same with

  1294. with the same sort of mindset. Yeah.

  1295. Yeah.

    I like that. Yeah.

  1296. Thank you.

    Okay. Alright.

  1297. Outta curiosity, is there a thinking of the board as

  1298. to a preference at this point?

  1299. Just so that we can prepare for a potential sponsor?

  1300. 'cause Springtown meeting with the shift of the current

  1301. next meeting to after the warrant closing,

  1302. I'm wondering if there's, and maybe we can line up just a

  1303. very brief meeting just for the board

  1304. to consider which ones you want to sponsor

  1305. and maybe by the end

  1306. of next week it can, that meeting can happen.

  1307. It can be a well zoom meeting just

  1308. to say we wanna sponsor these three things.

  1309. I'm just wondering what best to prepare.

  1310. I know research needs to happen,

  1311. but if we are unsuccessful at completing the research, just

  1312. 'cause we're still trying to gather it with the board.

  1313. Be interested in moving the individual

  1314. Forward.

  1315. I put both of them on the, on the warrant personally

  1316. with an explanation that, you know, and

  1317. because it may take time for rep Linsky to come back

  1318. and say, yeah, I can get the broad one through.

  1319. So if we don't have the individual one,

  1320. which he can absolutely get through, but,

  1321. but he can't get the broad one through.

  1322. Well, you know, it gives us,

  1323. Let me ask you a question.

  1324. Can't, this is a sort of hypothetical,

  1325. the you rich since Europe town meeting parliamentarian,

  1326. would it not make sense for us to say, to keep it sort

  1327. of broad brush at the warrant level

  1328. but then come through with motions?

  1329. Let's say one is for the individual

  1330. and the other is system wide.

  1331. Yeah. Right.

  1332. Where you, where if we then come to a stage where,

  1333. where rep Linsky says, no, we can't do the full one,

  1334. we just say, sorry, no option B.

  1335. No motion B. It depends. Yeah.

  1336. So it's gonna depend on the warrant.

  1337. You know, if we can make a single warrant article

  1338. that allows for either, that would be great.

  1339. Yeah. And then bring the right motion forward.

  1340. If we can't come up with a warrant article that does both

  1341. put 'em both on and then ask a no action on

  1342. the one that's not gonna fly. We

  1343. Can do either,

    You know,

  1344. Knowing that you're interested in both.

  1345. Well, I'm inter, I'm interested in making sure

  1346. that we we're covered.

  1347. We, we cover this particular officer.

  1348. Understood. That's what I mean for this town meeting. Yep.

  1349. And I also know that there's at least one other person on

  1350. the force that's gonna be interested if we can get

  1351. the broad brush one through.

  1352. So I want to make sure that, that, you know,

  1353. that if we have the option that we can, we can use it,

  1354. but it's gonna de there's so many moving parts

  1355. before that we might not have a good answer

  1356. before the warrant closes.

  1357. Okay. Right.

    But I, I'm willing to support both

  1358. of those article, adding both of those warrants.

  1359. I mean, do we want to, do you want to vote on that tonight

  1360. to kind of put that in motion? Or do you want do,

  1361. Is it, is this conversation, this direction's enough?

  1362. Yeah, this direction's enough.

  1363. Assuming that there can be an opportunity for you

  1364. to vote on something before the warrant closes.

  1365. Right. I just wanted to make sure I gave proper direction

  1366. to the chief and to probably Carris, just

  1367. because we're to draft, we're gonna to probably get her her

  1368. guidance on the drafting so that when you do meet, we have,

  1369. here's the warrant article that covers both Right.

  1370. Or just one. But it sounds like you're willing to have a,

  1371. or article or two orange article or two,

  1372. However it's best on


  1373. I mean it can be explained to town meeting,

  1374. town meeting if they, you know,

  1375. and the finance committee can understand, you know,

  1376. we didn't quite know what we were getting into

  1377. Just given our time.

  1378. I just wanna make sure I'm covering what need is needed so

  1379. that the next meeting we're

  1380. not having this conversation again. It's more,

  1381. Well in worst

    Case, you could,

  1382. here's the language, vote on it. And,

  1383. And worst case you could put it on the warrant if,

  1384. if we can't get that meeting together. Okay.

  1385. I prep. Yeah. Given the, you're the

  1386. appointing authority, I think it makes sense. Yeah, of

  1387. Course.

  1388. So

  1389. Too


  1390. You have a question


  1391. Is there anything economic development related

  1392. that we wanna put on the warrant?

  1393. Well, I, and I have one to bring up as well. Okay. Well

  1394. Let, let's go to the, we wanna put

  1395. On, I mean, I would assume Ms.

  1396. Loomis is bringing some zoning updates forward.

  1397. I know she's given updates on those.

  1398. So I guess that we're gonna get an update at the

  1399. EDC meeting on Thursday.

  1400. So I don't know where those stand,

  1401. but I know she was wanted to make progress on,

  1402. we did some language cleanup in the fall

  1403. and she's gonna continue to make progress directionally on

  1404. what she had kind of laid the groundwork for.

  1405. Correct. And the

  1406. board has already referred a lot of those.

  1407. There's even one, another one

  1408. on here tonight, later tonight.

  1409. The planning board is also looking to sponsor another zoning

  1410. map amendment on North Main Street for a property

  1411. to be extended into the DMU Zone, which is part

  1412. and parcel with economic development.

  1413. We're not quite there yet with the MBTA communities zoning

  1414. for the West Native community rail station.

  1415. But we're still doing the community engagement for that.

  1416. That'll probably be a fall art item Okay. To bring forward.

  1417. But all ears, if there's other things that, that

  1418. maybe come from the EDC meeting

  1419. or if you have specific thoughts Ms. Pope that,

  1420. that I can bring to Amanda.

  1421. We can prepare for the next meeting or,

  1422. or if you just have been thinking about something I'm more

  1423. than happy to, to explore.

  1424. Well I think I, I would love to hear

  1425. what comes outta that meeting.

  1426. I think my, my mind,

  1427. my wills have been turning since we came outta

  1428. that joint session meeting

  1429. and what we may be looking at as a town

  1430. and what we should maybe be in parallel, you know,

  1431. making adjustments for in town that would then

  1432. benefit us down. The

  1433. Revenue generation you mean?

  1434. Yeah, basically that, that would be impartial with what Ms.

  1435. Loomis is currently doing. Okay.

  1436. Especially in the MBTA communities.

  1437. I think some of those, if we can do some really key

  1438. targeted, but also compliant

  1439. with the MBTA Communities Act in West Natick

  1440. around the community rail station, that will be new growth.

  1441. That's several years down the road though,

  1442. before some of those properties would come on board.

  1443. We have done in the last couple town meetings,

  1444. some targeted zoning for things like the MathWorks expansion

  1445. that they're gonna be moving forward

  1446. with the exponent expansion

  1447. that hopefully they're gonna be moving

  1448. forward with in the coming years.

  1449. That will add to new growth as well.

  1450. It's just so hard to, you know, you put in place zoning

  1451. or you put in place secondary development tools

  1452. and sometimes it takes several years Right.

  1453. To realize those revenues

  1454. And keeping that in mind.

  1455. That's, that's partly why I was bringing it up.

  1456. We are also working soon and,

  1457. and we do have grant funding

  1458. to support this some targeted work in the

  1459. Golden Triangle area as well.

  1460. So we, we have done some internal discussions around that.

  1461. It's more just rebuilding

  1462. that from an external conversation perspective.

  1463. But I know they've been very active working with MathWorks

  1464. to make sure we accommodate their project, working with

  1465. the mall to try to ensure that they continue

  1466. to redevelop some of their spaces

  1467. and working through the planning board process.

  1468. And we've been very lucky to have a very proactive

  1469. micro life science market

  1470. with some local key investors that have really helped on,

  1471. on our micro NAIC level to continue that advancement.

  1472. In fact, there's some work

  1473. that's happening at the S Sherwood Plaza area around that,

  1474. which is amazing 'cause it doesn't, it's not to the scale

  1475. of necessarily like what you see in Cambridge or,

  1476. or the Seaport, but for our level it's,

  1477. it's still really exciting to see

  1478. 'cause that could lead to the

  1479. long-term economic development.

  1480. So we've been really trying

  1481. to hammer those projects and getting those going.

  1482. Yeah. But great ideas.

  1483. I would love to hear them all and,

  1484. and obviously looking at the transitional zone

  1485. that's starting to redevelop a little bit down the road here

  1486. at Union Street that's happening.

  1487. So we, we, I think we're,

  1488. I think we're advancing a lot going on quite a bit. Yeah.

  1489. Yeah.

    Thank you. I will say, I mean, just to con sort

  1490. of build on what you said about the life sciences

  1491. stuff up at Sherwood Plaza.

  1492. Years ago when we first started with EDC,

  1493. I remember BJ's Wholesale Clubs

  1494. corporate headquarters was back there.

  1495. And what is now AB A BI labs, the FIR a BI labs, two

  1496. of the three that they're going to have when they closed.

  1497. I remember the economic impact that was shared

  1498. with us was in excess of a million dollars in impact on

  1499. local restaurants and retailers in that area just

  1500. because of the employees

  1501. that would not be frequenting those shops.

  1502. So the fact that those laboratories have actually brought in

  1503. dozens of businesses, including their investors,

  1504. including the sort of infrastructure for them, it's,

  1505. it's been a great sort of continuation

  1506. and evolution of business up there for sure.

  1507. I think, you know, one of the questions that we are going

  1508. to be discussing at the EDC under other businesses,

  1509. the local options taxes that are coming up.

  1510. So we did hear about that at the MMA

  1511. and the governor's budget, the idea that

  1512. what would provide some latitude to the municipalities

  1513. to expand what they collect in terms of hotels

  1514. and meals, taxes of excise tax, vehicle taxes and the like.

  1515. So I think that may, maybe that was one question

  1516. that will those be at a point at the state level

  1517. that we can take action on that at this town meeting?

  1518. Or is that gonna have to wait till the fall

  1519. and it might, my understanding is it's probably the fall,

  1520. Probably more fall.

  1521. Yeah. Given, given that as in the governor's proposal right,

  1522. it still needs to get through the

  1523. rest of the Senate and the House.

  1524. So it's more likely that that's a end of the fiscal year,

  1525. beginning of next fiscal year if,

  1526. if we're lucky type timing.

  1527. Right. My my my hope is that we can get those tools just

  1528. 'cause I think it's great to have those tools even

  1529. and then let the local jurisdictions vote on them.

  1530. And I know the TDMD legislation

  1531. or adoption was another item on the agenda,

  1532. which is the tourist destination marketing district,

  1533. which if we can get adoption from local hotels to buy into

  1534. that would provide local money that can be invested in

  1535. targeted economic development for Natick,

  1536. specifically if Natick becomes one of the lead towns in

  1537. that TDMD zone.

  1538. So that's, that's another area where we're looking to,

  1539. to improve on some of that.

  1540. So I think there, I think of the programs we're looking at,

  1541. those are all kind of in play.

  1542. We'll talk about where they stand,

  1543. but I think, I think we're looking at all those options

  1544. for revenue enhancement

  1545. that are like in the near term at least, right.

  1546. That are there. And to, to Mr.

  1547. Erickson's point, I think we are kind

  1548. of putting the seeds in the ground

  1549. for the future evolution as well.

  1550. We've also been fortunate to see a lot of very strong,

  1551. and there'll be even be an update tomorrow on this front

  1552. infrastructure investment from the state and local level.

  1553. Natick center commuter rail station is finishing up in the

  1554. next year or so, a $40 million renovation project.

  1555. We'll be connecting the CRT in with that.

  1556. That's a 24 to million dollar investment.

  1557. North Main Street is another 12 to 15,

  1558. depending on how you calculate it.

  1559. A million dollar investment. West Commuter Rail station is

  1560. gonna be upgraded with accessibility requirements along

  1561. with Boin Lane Bridge.

  1562. That's gonna be replaced.

  1563. The state's also investing in Speed Street Bridge.

  1564. The 9 27 interchange, which is a topic

  1565. of the EDC meeting tomorrow currently is

  1566. projected at, I think 80 million.

  1567. It's 80, putting aside people's opinions on that project.

  1568. But that's an $80 million investment.

  1569. So there's a, a lot of infrastructure investments

  1570. that have been happening along with our own public water

  1571. sewer investments that we're

  1572. gonna be seeing coming down the pipeline. So

  1573. To be clear, that's 80 of the

  1574. state's money, not the town's money. Allstate

  1575. And Federal. Right.

  1576. With mass dot Right. And state. Right.

  1577. So just to be, nobody's choking

  1578. Stop

    Breathing on what that said.

  1579. I think part of the discussion,

  1580. which is a robust one we expect tomorrow, which is,

  1581. you know, do we need the Taj Mahal

  1582. of an interchange over there?

  1583. Can we get due with something else?

  1584. And maybe shift the, that investment

  1585. to something else in the community,

  1586. which would be an interesting approach.

  1587. I will say one other topic

  1588. from an economic development perspective,

  1589. of course now I've lost my train of thought.

  1590. We're going from local oceans taxes.

  1591. I'll come back. Thank you

  1592. Mr.

  1593. Sidney. Yeah.

  1594. So I promised to do some research into the Noyce bylaw.

  1595. We tried to pass a few years ago

  1596. and I actually found it, the first attempt was in fall 2006.

  1597. And I, I don't remember if it was the second

  1598. or third attempt was in fall 2007.

  1599. I contacted the proponent who does not have

  1600. unfortunately a copy.

  1601. So I pulled him outta the town report,

  1602. which I'm having trouble reading.

  1603. I think if it's gonna,

  1604. I've gotta do some other research into other towns.

  1605. I think this, if this is gonna go, it'll probably be i'll,

  1606. I'll probably be asking the board to think about it

  1607. for the fall at this point.

  1608. So just an update on my research. Thank you.

  1609. Sorry.

    Just we had talked about,

  1610. and this I think is part of Ms.

  1611. Loomis's changes, just the ability

  1612. to accommodate commercial kitchen

  1613. and some of the, you know, I think we've adopted the zoning

  1614. for it as of last fall.

  1615. We were looking at the potential for developing, you know,

  1616. shared commercial kitchen space.

  1617. I know this has been a conversation in the community.

  1618. So the, the EDC will be talking about that.

  1619. It's not necessarily directly related to anything

  1620. with town meeting other than the zoning has been put in

  1621. place to allow for it.

  1622. I think that's, that was the outstanding

  1623. concern from last fall.

  1624. The other question I had just regarding articles

  1625. I wrote raised it as the hypothetical.

  1626. I didn't raise it at the joint meeting the other night,

  1627. but I will raise it again March 1st, March 15th.

  1628. Is there a better budget deadline

  1629. and should we be really thinking about, you know, making

  1630. the time horizon for the budget presentation aligned with

  1631. where the real information is?

  1632. 'cause again, I love that meeting that we had with FinCon

  1633. and with the school committee, but it still wasn't complete.

  1634. Right. We're still waiting for finishing the schools

  1635. to getting their budget tonight.

  1636. Right. If I understand the draft budget Yep.

  1637. With an interim superintendent.

  1638. So I just wanna make sure that as

  1639. the elected officials supporting the administrative process

  1640. and frankly out of respect for a dwindling number

  1641. of citizen volunteers sitting in these roles

  1642. that we make the most out of our meeting times,

  1643. I'm still a proponent of pushing

  1644. that date back in terms of budget deadline.

  1645. But I, I'd love to hear administration's feedback

  1646. and I understand the pains of the fin comms calendar,

  1647. but to me, let's do the right thing

  1648. and let the process be redefined as opposed

  1649. to wedge things into a process that's

  1650. maybe putting unreasonable pressure on us.

  1651. I, I'll just briefly note, the February one has been more

  1652. of a relief than I was initially.

  1653. I thought March 1st would be February one has been great.

  1654. Let me just say that it's been a, it's been a great relief.

  1655. It gives us that much more time to get more accurate,

  1656. to have the tough conversations with the school department

  1657. to, to, to really be prepared

  1658. for the, the season.

  1659. March one would be obviously

  1660. that much better later is just better.

  1661. But I also appreciate the compression

  1662. that they makes with town meeting.

  1663. The way our current system is devised

  1664. and the way the current composition

  1665. of the finance committee works, meaning

  1666. to get a 15 member board together

  1667. to review a budget is challenging in its own right.

  1668. I'm actually curious, given that there's a charter

  1669. or bylaw review committee

  1670. and there's discussions around town governance,

  1671. are there adjustments that can be made

  1672. that can make the finance committee more

  1673. nimble in their work?

  1674. I I, I'm a proponent of the finance committee,

  1675. but it's really challenging to have meaningful dialogue

  1676. with the finance committee when there's 15 of them when it's

  1677. outside of town meeting season.

  1678. Is there a smaller composition?

  1679. Is there a, a structure in place that has

  1680. appointments that can be handled a little bit more nimble?

  1681. I, I'm just trying to think of other ways. It is a bylaw.

  1682. The finance committee is, is a,

  1683. is a bylaw product of the bylaw.

  1684. So it doesn't require charter change.

  1685. But for example, if I can meet

  1686. with the finance committee on a, on a monthly basis

  1687. and then going to the town meeting,

  1688. it's not getting 15 people, that would be a lot easier.

  1689. I just know there's been difficulties in the past in the off

  1690. seasons to get a quorum of the finance community together

  1691. to talk about substantive topics.

  1692. It happens, but it's not on a, on a regular because,

  1693. because of the, the sheer numbers.

  1694. So I'm just curious if there's a way to maybe think about

  1695. that, which then can help the process even more.

  1696. Well, I, you know, I've actually thought about this.

  1697. If, if you, if you will,

  1698. I've actually thought about this having been on the CBRC

  1699. twice, and I, first of all,

  1700. I would get in front of the CBRC saying, this is a goal,

  1701. can you consider how to do it?

  1702. One of the thoughts I had at one point,

  1703. and I've heard both good and bad.

  1704. I've talked to a few people about it.

  1705. I've heard both good and bad feedback.

  1706. But if you split the finance committee

  1707. into two finance committees, you know, one that deals with

  1708. zoning and bylaws

  1709. and another deal is strictly with budget,

  1710. then you've got smaller groups

  1711. to meet with for different things. And

  1712. Essentially warrant review committee versus Yeah.

  1713. A finance committee. A traditional Yeah. Finance committee.

  1714. Yeah. So that's just one idea I've had, you know,

  1715. not being on the CBRC, it wasn't something I was pushing

  1716. for, you know, actually thinking about writing

  1717. any citizen's petition on.

  1718. But it might be worth talking with the CBRC

  1719. and perhaps with the moderator about how to, how to make,

  1720. you know, how to, how to work

  1721. that process a little differently.

  1722. Just for my, my confirmation. It is a bylaw change though.

  1723. There's no charter change at that point.

  1724. So in theory, anybody, any group can bring it forward.

  1725. The finance committee is, I,

  1726. I asked the question at one point if the finance committee

  1727. needed to be mentioned in the charter.

  1728. 'cause it's not, and the reason it doesn't have to be is

  1729. because it's general law.

  1730. General law requires that towns, not cities,

  1731. towns have finance committees

  1732. Understood.

  1733. So, and they can be constructed any way the town wants,

  1734. but they have to be, they have to be there. Right.

  1735. But in theory, and I know this is extreme,

  1736. a finance committee could be three members,

  1737. one member appointed by the select board,

  1738. one member appointed by the school committee

  1739. and one member appointed by the moderator.

  1740. Right. I'm not suggesting that it's just in theory can,

  1741. it can be as simple as that,

  1742. which can then review the financial articles or Right.

  1743. It can be, there can be

  1744. so many different compositions of it. Right.

  1745. But I, by bylaw, I,

  1746. I forget whether it's the charter or the bylaw.

  1747. Something requires that the finance

  1748. committee review everything

  1749. That's in the bylaw. That's the

  1750. Bylaw.

  1751. That's the bylaw. So, and,

  1752. and I I've been getting them mixed up lately.

  1753. But if you split the finance committee

  1754. and made, you know, essentially dedicated committees Yeah.

  1755. For different purposes, it might, you, you and,

  1756. and then it would require administration to organize staff

  1757. so that they showed up only, you know, so

  1758. that they didn't have to show up for every, you know, right.

  1759. In front of all the committees.

  1760. You know, that, that, so, you know, but that's something

  1761. To your point though, it's, it,

  1762. it's interrelated moving parts that we, that we'd have

  1763. to coordinate on, whether it's with the CBRC

  1764. or a charter commission.

  1765. We, we would have to figure out what's,

  1766. what's gonna be the best mechanism to achieve

  1767. what town administration wants, which is flexibility

  1768. and less time consumed reviewing this in a more timely

  1769. or more desirable timeframe

  1770. to get the information required to put together a budget

  1771. and not have to go in fits and starts.

  1772. Charter commission wouldn't be involved. Right.

  1773. Yeah. In finance committee.

  1774. That's true. It's, yeah,

    It's a bylaw.

  1775. If, if I may charter right.

  1776. So in, in light of the idea of this SPRINGTOWN meeting

  1777. and the proposal of a March 1st

  1778. or March 15th, I don't know

  1779. what the right date would be based on the school's

  1780. timing budget.

  1781. I understand the ripple effect of proposing that.

  1782. I think it's wise to have a conversation

  1783. with the moderator and the CBRC.

  1784. I know we're talking about a parallel special town meeting

  1785. to talk about charter issues.

  1786. But they're, they're also going to be coming forward

  1787. to town meeting with bylaw

  1788. recommendations is my understanding.

  1789. So now is the time to get in front of them.

  1790. If we want to talk about bylaw suggestions.

  1791. I'm sensitive to the politics of this, of, you know,

  1792. the executive branch suggesting ways

  1793. that the finance committee operates in

  1794. its guidance to town meetings.

  1795. So I definitely want to include them in the conversation.

  1796. However that said, as the executive branch

  1797. and seeing the implications of this on staff

  1798. and our ability to make the right decisions

  1799. for the community once or twice as opposed to three

  1800. or four times, I feel very strongly about it

  1801. because it does affect quality of life.

  1802. It affects quality of staff time

  1803. and their ability to do what we need them to do.

  1804. So whether we're having another joint meeting

  1805. or if we could do that in the form of a letter

  1806. or outreach to the CBRC, I'd suggest that.

  1807. But I do think, you know, this idea of, of a consideration

  1808. of a bylaw change to look at the, the fin com structure

  1809. that would need to change to accommodate a later date

  1810. to receive the budget.

  1811. If right now the discussion starts

  1812. with us putting a budget date down as an article,

  1813. I would like to propose we do that

  1814. because at the very least, it, it gives us an opportunity

  1815. to educate the community

  1816. and town meeting members as

  1817. to why we think that would be valuable.

  1818. And it might set the stage for the parallel

  1819. or subsequent special town meeting

  1820. to talk about a bylaw change.

  1821. Because the fact is, you know, if we get this done,

  1822. even if we come back in the fall with a bylaw change,

  1823. that gives us enough time given

  1824. that the year has passed. So I'm

  1825. Not feeling like

    This has to be done yesterday.

  1826. But I do think the goal of the timing needs to be discussed.

  1827. And I think there's ample reasons to consider it, especially

  1828. with a new superintendent coming on board, especially

  1829. with consideration of an override coming forward.

  1830. We've got a lot of very serious financial

  1831. conversations to be had.

  1832. And the last thing we need to do is waste administration's

  1833. time on fictitious temporary budgets.

  1834. I was gonna say the fall is probably early enough

  1835. for a change in the dates because they're not charter and

  1836. I think that should be a target,

  1837. But get the CBRC involved and,

  1838. and they can decide whether to bring it for spring or fall

  1839. and get the moderator involved

  1840. to talk about the finance committee.

  1841. And as a former chair of the finance committee,

  1842. he's very familiar with how the finance committee works.

  1843. Yeah. Well, let's be realistic, right?

  1844. We're, we're sitting February 5th, right?

  1845. The warrant closes on February 22nd.

  1846. The chances of that all coming into place

  1847. by February 22nd is slim to none.

  1848. Right. So I think we realistically should be

  1849. targeting fall town meeting.

  1850. I, I would, I would respectfully suggest we put the

  1851. article for the budget on the SPRINGTOWN meeting

  1852. to start the discussion, how we execute on that,

  1853. making Abu a bylaw change.

  1854. We can come back later. There's no urgency in terms of the

  1855. how, but I think in establishing the what,

  1856. I think it's an important statement to make.

  1857. And I think we need to make it

  1858. with this fiscal hearing in the SPRINGTOWN meeting.

  1859. Okay.

  1860. That's another point of view. I understand. Alright.

  1861. So let's do some more thinking about that.

  1862. And let, let me talk to the CBRC and the moderator.

  1863. So two, two items based on what we know of

  1864. what we're gonna have to discuss financially.

  1865. I I do agree about targeting the spring for

  1866. that particular issue.

  1867. My, my, my question is why do we need

  1868. to get the CRBC involved?

  1869. 'cause we have to have a bylaw change.

  1870. We don't have to but it,

  1871. but they're given that they're, sorry, given

  1872. that they're most familiar with the bylaws

  1873. and what would need to be changed

  1874. and what the implications are.

  1875. We, we, as we select board,

  1876. need to be careful of, of introducing changes

  1877. and not understanding the, the ripple effect.

  1878. We don't know what we don't know.

  1879. I I'd also say we also don't want to end up

  1880. with competing articles on town meeting

  1881. where we're saying one thing in the CBRC is saying

  1882. something else and they conflict.

  1883. And that's a whole, that,

  1884. that gets into a whole headache in front

  1885. of the finance committee and,

  1886. and in front of everybody, me neither.

  1887. We'd rather have them cooperating

  1888. and us cooperating with them

  1889. and them cooperating with us so that we put together,

  1890. you know, one, just one proposal,

  1891. which is why, to get them involved now in terms of the date,

  1892. you know, we could put an article on to change the date.

  1893. That's not going to, that's not a change

  1894. that's gonna have a big ripple effect through the whole,

  1895. you know, by all the bylaws where a rewrite

  1896. of the finance committee article,

  1897. which I think is number 25, is potentially,

  1898. you know, we could be in conflict

  1899. and could have other ripple effects.

  1900. And, and I'm playing devil's advocate on this one,

  1901. which is, if our intention is to get the temperature

  1902. of town meeting to figure out, you know,

  1903. is this something that's desirable to this

  1904. and to be able to discuss moving the state,

  1905. would a resolution affect that?

  1906. I, if I may, I I have no intention

  1907. of this being a temperature check.

  1908. I think as the executive board supporting the town

  1909. administration being, you know,

  1910. delivering a responsible budget with collaboration

  1911. with the school department, with transparent information

  1912. and accurate information, this is an imperative.

  1913. It's not a temperature check. Right.

  1914. As far as the execution of it, the implementation, I defer

  1915. to the legislative branch as to how it wants

  1916. to adjust to that reality.

  1917. I don't think it's our place as the executive branch

  1918. to impose or suggest a specific way.

  1919. We could suggest it and collaborate.

  1920. But as we've learned in the CBRC select board process over

  1921. the last year, I'd rather legislative branch decide

  1922. how it wants to do business.

  1923. Let fin com let town meeting members

  1924. decide what makes sense.

  1925. But I want the broader message,

  1926. which I think is the urgent one,

  1927. is the administration needs this, the community needs this

  1928. to make sure we have the most accurate information

  1929. to make decisions around without wasting time on arbitrary

  1930. placeholders that we have to come back for.

  1931. To that note, I really want to,

  1932. I was gonna say it in the select board concerns,

  1933. but just a shout out to the administration.

  1934. You know, Mr. Erickson, superintendent,

  1935. interim superintendent and

  1936. and colleagues in the finance department put together a

  1937. wonderful presentation to the joint meeting last week

  1938. of the fin com of the school committee and the select board.

  1939. And there are relatively few gaps in terms of

  1940. what we still need to understand.

  1941. But again, the community is going to be going

  1942. through some very difficult decision making over the next

  1943. two years when it comes to financials.

  1944. Every little assumption that goes into a spreadsheet matters

  1945. and the time it takes to scrutinize that

  1946. and to make sort

  1947. of validate the assumptions that are being made.

  1948. I would much rather our professional staff focus on reality

  1949. than providing something for the theater

  1950. of making arbitrary deadlines for us as elected officials.

  1951. So I feel very strongly about supporting the, the,

  1952. the March 1st change as far as the implementation.

  1953. I, I respectfully defer to the legislative branch

  1954. to say how they wanna do it.

  1955. Thank you. And,

  1956. and that's why I was saying I was playing devil's advocate

  1957. 'cause I wanted to elicit what you were just saying.

  1958. Okay. Well

  1959. Paul, are you making a motion?

  1960. Yeah. If we're ready to take action? Sure. I'd like to.

  1961. I'd like to. Is and I guess

  1962. before I make that motion, is the first

  1963. or the 15th, what is most prudent given the school

  1964. committee's reception

  1965. or the superintendent's re re receiving of state numbers?

  1966. Is it the 15th,

  1967. February 15th, I'm assuming year or March 14th.

  1968. March. I mean by March 1st. Typically we have most numbers.

  1969. What typically comes in, I I, I'd have to defer

  1970. to the superintendent on,

  1971. 'cause they, the school budget process,

  1972. they hold their public hearing typically sometime in March,

  1973. not necessarily by the first.

  1974. Right. They are starting their presentation I think

  1975. even right now in front of them.

  1976. Yeah. They, so that's tonight.

  1977. And so they're still continues to work to, they continue

  1978. to work on that until they have their public hearing,

  1979. which required by Desi for the school committee to do.

  1980. Right. We typically don't do it until like

  1981. The week before town meeting starts. So you

  1982. Can't use when they finalize.

  1983. Right. This is unusual. Right. Unusual that date. You

  1984. Have to use context. Yeah.

  1985. And my understanding from previous conversations was they

  1986. get most of their state numbers by the first,

  1987. which then I would suggest you need a couple weeks

  1988. to digest them, incorporate them into the budget

  1989. and come back to the body. So

  1990. Yeah, it so much depends.

  1991. 'cause we incorporate, a lot of the state numbers

  1992. that we get are, are in the governor's budget,

  1993. assuming the governor's budget comes out on time,

  1994. which it, it did this year.

  1995. And then from there it's really when updates happen,

  1996. which we won't get the final numbers from the state

  1997. typically even until the fall.

  1998. Yeah. I think this past year was almost September

  1999. by the time we got the final numbers,

  2000. after the legislative process.

  2001. Our other big driver is healthcare numbers,

  2002. which is usually mid-February.

  2003. So February, yeah.

  2004. We typically do get those in time for like a February one

  2005. submission, obviously.

  2006. I mean, I mean a March one submission

  2007. a later date is always preferable.

  2008. But I also want to be mindful of the balance. Sure.

  2009. Between that and the, the compression with town meeting so

  2010. that we can still try to work through and,

  2011. and do the budget presentation

  2012. and then work through that in March.

  2013. 'cause it's usually the SEC by the, by the end

  2014. of the second week in April will be when we need

  2015. to have the finance committees have all the,

  2016. all their review completed.

  2017. So. Right. But, and I

  2018. agree and that's why, that's why I asked.

  2019. I I guess I'm just, I would be very clear if,

  2020. if we are talking about an operating override at some point

  2021. in fiscal 26, 27, 28, some of the factors

  2022. that community members will be asking you

  2023. and asking your counterpart in the school department about

  2024. is what about layoffs?

  2025. How's this gonna affect personnel?

  2026. How is this gonna affect quality

  2027. of service you're gonna make to have

  2028. to make hard decisions about

  2029. trade-offs in the next couple of years?

  2030. To me, the least we can do

  2031. as elected officials volunteering is make hard

  2032. trade offs about our calendar.

  2033. Yeah. Because that's easily fixable.

  2034. I think the harder decisions you need to make,

  2035. you need the clarity of real numbers.

  2036. And so if it's the fifth, if if 15th

  2037. or if it's the first, it sounds like the first

  2038. will suffice, the first

  2039. Should work on it.

  2040. Or would the 15th, I I don't want good enough.

  2041. I want ideal. Like you,

  2042. what will you get a

  2043. substantially different result than the 15th? The 15th is

  2044. March 15th.

  2045. substantially different result just the more,

  2046. more time is better at the same time.

  2047. I, I, I can't say that between the first

  2048. and the 15th is gonna be that much more, more improved. So

  2049. Why don't we do this?

  2050. And I think we can do this based on

  2051. how the, the warrant would work.

  2052. I, I would support placing, I would make a motion

  2053. that we put on the warrant an article that would

  2054. basically require

  2055. Change budget due dates, see what

  2056. Action.

  2057. Right, right. See, see what action the town will take to

  2058. require the budget from administration

  2059. at a later date in March.

  2060. Can we leave it vague and then get specific in the motion

  2061. language with a specific date

  2062. as we have these conversations over the next couple weeks?

  2063. Yeah, I think that's actually the original one that we,

  2064. there was, I think actually technically I sponsored as ta.

  2065. Yes. Was that broad? Was

  2066. It?

  2067. I would like the select board to

  2068. sponsor that back of the select

  2069. Board sponsor.

  2070. Okay. So with that, so let me, let me read that back.

  2071. So move to put an article on the warrant

  2072. to change the budget due date to a later date in March.

  2073. Yep. That's your motion

  2074. If, well I guess I would adopt the same language based

  2075. Adopting the same language used previously Right.

  2076. At town meeting. Right.

  2077. I mean, do we have, does our motion have

  2078. to specify the language, leave it up

  2079. to the TA to write the language? Right,

  2080. Right.

  2081. Yeah. So IIEI encourage us

  2082. to sponsor an article similarly worded to

  2083. what the administration had supported.

  2084. I think that was in spring of 2022 somewhere. Is that

  2085. Right? 22? Yeah.

  2086. I thought it was the fall. Fall of 21.

  2087. Was it fall of 21. Okay.

  2088. It was the fall. It was a fall motion. Okay.

  2089. The previous town meeting, which effectively

  2090. resulted in the February 1st date.

  2091. So let's use the same language. The

  2092. Attorney general approved it.

  2093. I think the Attorney General approved it before.

  2094. Well, they wouldn't approve the warrant

  2095. Language before we let 'em finish.

  2096. It was in the fall. So they had

  2097. to approve language within it because the change went in the

  2098. Motion.

  2099. Yeah. The change went into a, we had to wait

  2100. for the Attorney General because the change went in place

  2101. right before I started.

  2102. Yep. Submitting capital.

  2103. I remember it was a difference of a month in terms

  2104. of when I had to submit it shortly

  2105. after I had started and my role.

  2106. Right. So you, you sponsor it. I'll second it.

  2107. Okay. I noticed that Ms. Slager has her hand up.

  2108. Oh, I'm sorry. Thank you Ms. Slager.

  2109. Oh, yep. Yeah. Better. Okay. Hi.

  2110. Hi Ms. Ger.

  2111. Hi. So sorry I've got a new computer so I

  2112. don't have quite things set up so I'm not able

  2113. to turn the video on just yet.

  2114. But I just wanted to point out some of the things

  2115. that came up when we had this discussion,

  2116. which was fall 2021, about changing the dates.

  2117. And one of the things,

  2118. and I did an analysis

  2119. that basically said there was just no way

  2120. to get in all the total number of meetings

  2121. unless we pushed back the start date of town meeting

  2122. and that would be a charter change.

  2123. So I just wanted to let you know

  2124. that in case you wanted

  2125. to make your motion a little bit broader

  2126. to possibly include a charter change so that the start date

  2127. of town meeting is tied to the town election date.

  2128. Right. So that can only be done through a charter change.

  2129. Thank you. If I may, I mean, again,

  2130. Hold on.

  2131. Thank you Linda for that. Thank you for that reminder.

  2132. That was in the back of my mind

  2133. and didn't come forward. Thank you.

  2134. Yeah, no, I appreciate the reminder.

  2135. I think that's important to note.

  2136. I guess I would still contend we've got a special town

  2137. meeting that's dealing with charter changes coming up

  2138. and we'll have a new warrant to consider at this point.

  2139. So rather to the issue

  2140. that we've got limited time school vacation to get some

  2141. of this stuff down and I'd still

  2142. be inclined to place it there.

  2143. I don't know that we necessarily

  2144. need the charter change at this point.

  2145. And again, I feel strongly we should engage the

  2146. CBRC if we're gonna propose.

  2147. Could, could we put this, could we put this particular,

  2148. I'm just wondering if it's reasonable

  2149. to put this on the special instead of the main town meeting.

  2150. I was just

    Wondering, to be honest with you,

  2151. I'd rather focus on this separately.

  2152. 'cause I think it, it warrants its own platform

  2153. because it really speaks to the needs for us

  2154. for fiscal planning for the next few years.

  2155. I don't want it getting wrapped up in politics.

  2156. Yeah, that's the thing.

    So are you saying special

  2157. Drank the last one?

  2158. Sorry. Pardon?

    You did drink the last one. I did.

  2159. I haven't touched it yet. Ms. Wallace

  2160. Slugger your microphone's on.

  2161. Sorry.

    So are you suggesting

  2162. to put it on the special? No,

  2163. IIII believe we should keep it on the spring.

  2164. Okay. As, as we've said. But, but duly noted what Ms.

  2165. Slager said. I mean the analysis

  2166. that was done was also presuming status quo in terms of

  2167. how the FIN com operated.

  2168. And I think just based on the couple

  2169. of convers comments I just heard tonight

  2170. is there are alternatives.

  2171. So let's, let's again, I I don't wanna be prescriptive about

  2172. what needs to change, but I'm also bold enough

  2173. to suggest if we're committed to making a change,

  2174. we should be committed to figuring out how,

  2175. and it's up to town meeting to decide to make that change.

  2176. So I just wanna put this out there and, and, and,

  2177. and have an opportunity to explain why.

  2178. Okay. So I will take, take up

  2179. that conversation with the CBRC and tam,

  2180. We'll still to vote this


  2181. I understand that Rich. Yes.

  2182. Any other further discussion?

  2183. I I did look up the warrant article language

  2184. from the fall town meeting for this

  2185. and it's amend the bylaws, sorry

  2186. to see if the town will vote to amend the town

  2187. of Natick bylaws by modifying article one section one,

  2188. annual town election

  2189. and town meeting meetings

  2190. regarding the spring annual town meeting

  2191. and article 20 section two dates of submission

  2192. of fiscal documents regarding a date of submission

  2193. for the preliminary budget of the next fiscal

  2194. year or otherwise act thereon.

  2195. There were, as Ms.

  2196. Slager noted, potential also impacts in the charter,

  2197. but the impact

  2198. of these changes were limited to the bylaws. Yep.

  2199. So it's, it's like you were reading my mind. Yeah.

  2200. That's the exact motion I wanted to make. Okay.

  2201. And that was the exact motion that was used

  2202. in the fall of 2021. Alright,

  2203. I'm gonna just play devil's advocate again.

  2204. Alright. Say we go to town meeting

  2205. and we say, alright, let's move it to March 15th

  2206. and town and town meeting decides, yes, we support that

  2207. and, but then has to agree

  2208. to change the charter right at

  2209. that same time and

  2210. Not necessarily they could change FinCon

  2211. Fin income can have more meetings.

  2212. Fin com can Yeah. Split up the work,

  2213. Right?

  2214. Wait a minute, if town, no,

  2215. 'cause town meeting has a start date, right?

  2216. It's a fixed start date, right? Yes.

  2217. You can change the composition of the committee,

  2218. but you still have that fixed date, right?

  2219. That you have to have the information there. Let me finish.

  2220. Yeah, right. You still have that fixed date where you have

  2221. to have all the information through the finance committee

  2222. to town meeting.

  2223. Right? Now if you do split up the finance committee,

  2224. that potentially could be there,

  2225. but you have to be, you can't leave it open-ended

  2226. and say, yeah, we're gonna do this change

  2227. without doing the other.

  2228. Right. You have to either

  2229. or in a combination change the charter

  2230. bad choice of terms, change the definition

  2231. and composition of the finance committee to tell, to save

  2232. to, to enable them to support the town made.

  2233. Yeah. Let me continue. Rich, come on. Yeah.

  2234. Okay. Go ahead. I I that's fine. I, no,

  2235. I just stop interrupting and just listen please.

  2236. Right. If you have the finance committee

  2237. that is an appointed committee by the moderator,

  2238. the moderator has to be on board with this change.

  2239. Right? That is something we have to work through.

  2240. I don't, I, and I don't see this as an overnight project.

  2241. Yes, I agree that it's a laudable objective

  2242. and I also agree that we do need changes

  2243. to the finance committee,

  2244. but we also have to have the discussion of will

  2245. that affect the town charter.

  2246. If those finance committee changes happen, will

  2247. that enable them to receive the budget,

  2248. the fi I'll call it the, the interim budget

  2249. on March 1st or 15th

  2250. and be prepared to go to the statutorily

  2251. specified town meeting thing?

  2252. We don't know that answer.

  2253. Well, I I, one of the things, you know,

  2254. I I was on the finance committee for a long time also,

  2255. and one of the things that could happen, you know,

  2256. without changing the town meeting start date without

  2257. changing the composition con con the composition

  2258. of the finance committee is, for example,

  2259. warrant articles that aren't staff based could be

  2260. heard on a Saturday.

  2261. There's no reason they can't hold a meeting on a Saturday.

  2262. Right. So they can't find enough Tuesday Thursdays

  2263. to hold meetings on the budget in time for town meeting.

  2264. But that doesn't mean they can't find times to hold meetings

  2265. for other things and take the load off the Tuesday Thursdays

  2266. and have time for the budget.

  2267. It's, it's possible to do it.

  2268. I'm not saying it's ideal,

  2269. believe me, I'm not saying it's ideal.

  2270. I hated the Saturday meetings I had. Okay.

  2271. But there are ways they,

  2272. the current composition could work if they didn't get the

  2273. budget until the 15th.

  2274. None of them are ideal, but I I wouldn't use

  2275. the fact that there are subsequent changes we ought

  2276. to make, to make things better.

  2277. Stop us from making a change. That makes sense. No,

  2278. That's not what I'm saying.

  2279. No, no, that's not what I'm saying at all.

  2280. I I'm saying that you, you you have to have an alignment of

  2281. of people that, that are, you know,

  2282. it's to Paul's earlier point, which is we do our piece

  2283. as the executive branch

  2284. and the legislative branch does their P piece,

  2285. which is the moderator and which is the bylaws

  2286. or charter and bylaws and the fin income

  2287. and FinCon subsuming

  2288. that under moderator.

  2289. If, if I may I I I mean I think we're overcomplicating

  2290. this, when you say we do our piece with regard

  2291. to the change, all we're doing is proposing an article.

  2292. Actually the legislature's doing their piece.

  2293. They have to decide we're just putting a

  2294. case in front of town meeting.

  2295. They're the ones that make,

  2296. they're the ultimate authority here.

  2297. All I'm proposing is we go to town meeting

  2298. and make the case in support of the administration

  2299. and the community, let them decide if they happen to agree

  2300. with us and pass that article,

  2301. then we have a special town meeting

  2302. and a fall town meeting that gives two opportunities

  2303. for the bylaws to be changed if we need to,

  2304. to consider a change to the fin com.

  2305. And it gives Fcom itself time to talk

  2306. amongst themselves about what they want to do.

  2307. Again, I, I don't wanna be prescriptive

  2308. 'cause it's not our purview, but I do think

  2309. what is our purview is doing the right by the administration

  2310. and the community in terms of budgeting process.

  2311. Alright. It's that simple.

  2312. This is entirely a legislative process that's initiated

  2313. by an article that we're sponsoring.

  2314. That's it. We're not imposing anything.

  2315. Fair enough. I'm just trying to play it through.

  2316. So, so it's not a situation

  2317. where the emperor has no clothes.

  2318. When we go to try to explain this to town meeting,

  2319. It's up to the emperor and the emperor is the whole body

  2320. and the moderator himself, he, he defers to the body itself.

  2321. He's, he's the facilitator,

  2322. but it truly is the town meeting

  2323. members that will decide that.

  2324. Okay. So we did not vote yet, but let us do that

  2325. Robust discussion though.

  2326. We did have some robust,

  2327. Sorry, we were making such good time too.

  2328. It's okay. So all in favors of,

  2329. the only thing that we're, that we're talking about was the

  2330. warrant article similar 21 article to fall 2021.

  2331. And that was made by Paul and seconded by me.

  2332. All in favor, please say aye. Aye. Aye aye.

  2333. Okay. I'm gonna have some interesting conversations.

  2334. Yeah. All right. Next up we, is there anything else?

  2335. I'm sorry. Anything else on zoning articles

  2336. found meeting warrant articles?

  2337. Oh no,

  2338. Just a reminder that

  2339. at a previous meeting we spoke about a potential for

  2340. taking into account

  2341. or considering what action town meeting we'll take

  2342. regarding article 42, which is a section of the bylaw

  2343. that deals with fuel oils.

  2344. It's something that is really just following state law

  2345. and we have additional things in our bylaws that

  2346. kind of limit our, the ability of the town clerk

  2347. and the fire chief to really do meaningful work on fuel

  2348. oils, which is a pretty small part of their day,

  2349. but takes up more time than necessary.

  2350. So the request will likely be to completely remove

  2351. that article, although I think it was Mr.

  2352. Sidney that also said, rather than remove completely,

  2353. maybe just refer to MGL

  2354. and just sort of leave it at

  2355. that, that way it's a placeholder.

  2356. So it, it is something that is noted in the bylaws

  2357. as the purview of the select board.

  2358. So I, I'm, okay, my recommendation,

  2359. maybe the select board could sponsor that article

  2360. and the article would be more broad, something like to see

  2361. what action town meeting will take to amend, adjust or

  2362. otherwise remove article 42 from the bylaws or

  2363. otherwise act there on, and then we can come up

  2364. with a motion language, which will probably be simpler, like

  2365. for the purposes of this topic, fuel oils,

  2366. this town shall follow MGL blah blah blah.

  2367. Yeah. Yep.

    I, I'll move to support that.

  2368. Awesome. Awesome. I'll give that to you.

  2369. Okay. All in favor, please say aye. Aye. Aye.

  2370. Thank you for bringing that up. Hold on.

  2371. I'm sorry, did you have a question?

  2372. Well, she didn't vote. She's, she's rolling.

  2373. We moved quickly, so just make sure you're comfortable.

  2374. Can you read the motion again?

  2375. Move to put an article on to repeal

  2376. or replace bylaw article 42

  2377. Fuel oils.

  2378. Let's just

  2379. I'm okay with that. So

  2380. Yes.

  2381. Okay.

  2382. I said yes. Yeah,

    Yeah, yeah.

  2383. Awesome. Thank you.

  2384. Nothing else on warrant articles

  2385. on to the zoning articles?

  2386. Jeremy do want to give her that a run through there? Sure.

  2387. Lemme just pull it up.

  2388. Sorry, I'm just pulling up the agenda. Yeah,

  2389. so just my typical speech about zoning amendments.

  2390. This is part of the administrative process

  2391. outline in master law chapter 48, section five,

  2392. whereby within, I believe it's 10 days of submission

  2393. of a zoning amendment by,

  2394. and there's a list of qualified people within,

  2395. or applicants within MGL,

  2396. including the planning board, property owners and the like.

  2397. The so, and then need to be submitted first a select board

  2398. for referral to the planning board.

  2399. This is consistent with that

  2400. administrative process and, and master general law.

  2401. This one specifically is referring to

  2402. Primarily just one thing, but, well, one property,

  2403. but two proposed amendments

  2404. for consideration by the planning board.

  2405. They need to hold their public hearing still,

  2406. but the planning board is considering sponsoring a

  2407. map change for a north main street parcel or set of parcels.

  2408. You may recall past two town meetings.

  2409. There was an article from a citizen petition

  2410. regarding a parcel that's the former Natick appliance store.

  2411. It's zoned rg, which is a two-family

  2412. zone, does not allow for commercial.

  2413. The prior commercial use was abandoned

  2414. for more than two years, which under master law you lose

  2415. that protection of that use

  2416. that pre-existing non-conformity under master law.

  2417. So therefore they would like to bring back a commercial use,

  2418. but they can't unless we amend zoning.

  2419. That's my understanding from the property owners to debate

  2420. or discussion and dialogue at the FinCon

  2421. and other meetings with this board

  2422. and the planning board for various reasons.

  2423. It didn't, it it, it got to town meeting

  2424. because it was on the warrant, but it did not get passed

  2425. because there was a lack of zoning submitted to the

  2426. planning board and there's various state

  2427. laws around the process.

  2428. So in advance of this springtown meeting,

  2429. Amanda, the property owners

  2430. and property owner representation

  2431. and the planning board worked to understand better

  2432. what was being requested, got down to the nitty gritty

  2433. of it and actually said, okay, great.

  2434. Now the planning board is actually,

  2435. I think thinking about sponsoring this, moving this forward.

  2436. And the planning board did do a site visit on note to,

  2437. to go through this area. So that,

  2438. And it's understanding it,

  2439. it's two, two amendments.

  2440. One is in the zoning bylaw

  2441. and the other is to the map, right? Correct.

  2442. Yep, that's correct. That's very common for when a parcel

  2443. or set of parcels need

  2444. to be changed from one zone to another zone.

  2445. Do

    We need to, oftentimes you need, it's,

  2446. sometimes it's typically one article to motions,

  2447. two motions because it's a map change

  2448. and corresponding language change in the zoning

  2449. bylaw. They do work hand in

  2450. Hand, but to the referral,

  2451. can we refer them both at the, in the same motion?

  2452. Yeah, just refer the entire thing

  2453. that's in front of you right now. Yep.

  2454. Okay. So I move to refer both

  2455. amendments to the planning board.

  2456. I have a second. Sure. I'll second it.

  2457. All in favor, please say A who seconded me.

  2458. Okay. All in favor, please say aye.

  2459. I'm sorry, did you say something? She seconded.

  2460. I'm sorry, I didn't, I think it was a tie.

  2461. So let's do Kristen for that one.

  2462. Yeah, I thought I trying to move us on here. I'm sorry.

  2463. Yep, no worries.

  2464. Okay. All right. On to the,

  2465. Did we vote? No, we

  2466. Had to vote.

  2467. No, I thought we just voted for it.

  2468. You asked and then

    Interrupted you

  2469. all in favor, please say aye.

  2470. Aye. Aye. Aye. Aye. Now we voted.

  2471. Okay. Consent agenda.

    Yes, please.

  2472. Okay. I'll read them out

  2473. and ask if anybody wants to remove anything.

  2474. Item may approve. Ann McCullough's request to hang a banner

  2475. for the Elizabeth Schickel Foundation run item B approval,

  2476. A one day alcohol license for exhibit A brewing company.

  2477. Item C, approve a live

  2478. and non-live entertainment license application for tack

  2479. item D, approve a change of offices, directors, change

  2480. of manager and change of hours

  2481. for an S 12 all alcohol license for Natick amp vets.

  2482. Item E, approve the transfer

  2483. of a common Victor licenser Baja Mexican restaurant.

  2484. Item F approve a junk dealer collector

  2485. license for pay more stores.

  2486. Item G, accept a donation from land,

  2487. use bicycles into the CRT revolving fund.

  2488. Item H Approve a request from the Charles River Rotary Club

  2489. to hang a banner from June 16th through 22nd

  2490. for Scpa Palooza.

  2491. Anybody wanna pull anything?

  2492. Yeah, I do. And it's, it's a question.

  2493. It's on item G,

  2494. except the donation from Landry's Bicycles into the

  2495. CRT revolving fund.

  2496. Did we get something on that?

  2497. Yeah, it's in the, it's in Novus and it's like 2000 bucks.

  2498. I missed that. Okay then. And I'm fine.

  2499. And Mr. Chair, I can just provide a little bit more in

  2500. information because I've been in conversation,

  2501. conversation with members from

  2502. Yep.

  2503. we're gonna talk about it though, right? Oh yeah.

  2504. Are we gonna pull it out and have this conversation? No.

  2505. Okay. So we're not gonna pull anything

  2506. you can tell us offline.

  2507. I just saw that when I looked last it was not there, so

  2508. That's why.

  2509. Okay. So move items A through H of the consent agenda.

  2510. I a seconder second. Thank you Ms. Pope.

  2511. All in favor, please say aye. Aye. Aye. Aye. All right.

  2512. So we're on to 10 administrator notes.

  2513. I covered quite a bit tonight, so I

  2514. Think you're spend probably,

  2515. I'm sure I have some things, but my mind is not quite

  2516. formulated around them right now, so I apologize.

  2517. I'll be in contact with the board at a later time.

  2518. Okay. Select board concerns.

  2519. I think we kind of aired, know that already.

  2520. Yeah. Well, and that, if I may, I mean, Ms. Pope was

  2521. smart enough to bring this up at the beginning

  2522. of the meeting and I,

  2523. I'll bring it up at the end of the meeting.

  2524. As a concern, I'm really concerned about the lack

  2525. of applications for town meeting

  2526. and the coverage that we have

  2527. for represent representation in the community.

  2528. So, just reiterating from the beginning of the meeting

  2529. that Ms. Pope brought up, if you're inclined to run

  2530. for town meeting the, you have until 5:00 PM tomorrow

  2531. to submit your signatures to the town clerk's office

  2532. by 5:00 PM on Tuesday, February 6th.

  2533. And I will add the last time I had to get signatures

  2534. for a town meeting run, it took me about 22 minutes.

  2535. Yep. And I signed, I think three or four today. So

  2536. It's an achievable bar.

  2537. Yeah. It's, but yeah, no, it's,

  2538. it's good. It's an important opportunity. Thank

  2539. You.

  2540. Thank you for raising community Ms. Pope

  2541. and reinforcing it, Mr. Joseph.

  2542. All right, so we're on to,

  2543. I don't think we have correspondence.

  2544. No. So we can take the magic move to adjourn. Mr. So moved.

  2545. And do I have a second here?

  2546. I'll second. I'll second.

    All right.

  2547. All in favor, please say aye. Aye. Aye. That is 18.

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