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WMU Kinetic Imaging - Episode 1
Updated about 21 hours ago

Kinetic Imaging (KI) at Western Michigan University’s Gwen Frostic School of Art is a Bachelor of Science Degree with tracks in Animation, Game Art, and Video Art. KI prepares students for professional practice as multimedia artists by creating a multitude of contemporary approaches through a flexible curriculum. The program is a four-year course of study that emphasizes critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, and experimentation, as well as the creative use and mis-use of technology. At critical points in the curriculum, the KI program intersects with the Multimedia Art Technology (MAT) program in the School of Music. By studying media history, theory, technique, methodologies, and related technology, students will accumulate a wide range of experiences and skills applicable to a diverse set of artistic endeavors and media-focused careers.