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Giving Back - The Bread of Life Show - Series Finale (Ep. 31)
Updated 4 months ago

Giving Back - The Bread of Life Show: Episode 31 (Final Episode)

Giving Back - The Series Finale. Say goodbye to GB after 4 years with host Mike Cherone, his musician brother Markus Cherone and drummer Robbie Dempsey. The bevy of guests include: John Furlong, Gabriella Stelmack, Kevin Duffy, Brian Biggie, and Karen Hayes in the most fun TV Series sendoff in MATV history.

Giving Back: The Bread of Life Show (34 Videos)
Updated 4 months ago

"Giving Back" was a program from 2008-2012 that highlighted the Malden organization Bread of Life, which helps hungry people in need. Hosted by Mike Cherone and Produced by Brian Biggie.